Ariana Grande’s New Album Finally Dropped & We’re Obsessed

The day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived, Ariana Grande’s new album is officially out!

We’ve heard a couple songs off of Ari’s newest album Thank U, Next but none of us could even begin to expect what she had in store for us in this album.

Twitter. Is. Going. Crazy.

This album has been called everything from a masterpiece to completely unskippable. It has been said to be her most revealing album yet and there is nothing about it that people don’t love. There are laughs, cries, sexyness, and is overall relatable to the general public.

I think this Twitter user made their opinion well known – NO SKIPS. PERIOD. There is not one single song on this album that should be skipped. At all. Period.

Let’s not forget to mention the cute little note from NASA. That’s right, even NASA is commenting on this album!

Even with all of this attention on how beautiful this masterpiece is, there’s just the reminder that Ariana doesn’t need ANYONE. There are literally ZERO featured artists on this album. (I wonder if her favourite collaborator Nicki Minaj is salty she wasn’t included?)

I could go all day about the responses that this album is getting, but I think we have enough said right here. This is not at all an album that you want to miss out on.

And thank you Ariana for making something so incredible that we just can’t get enough of!

And as if we weren’t surprised enough by just how amazing her album is, she even dropped a music video for her new single ‘break up with your boyfriend, i’m bored’. The video stars Charles Melton (aka Reggie on Riverdale) and brings the sexual energy she excels in. 

In terms of some of the best songs featured on her new record, there are a few that noticeably stand out.

‘break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored’ is a banger that every woman will be belting with their girlfriends on a night out while dedicating it to that man whose in their dm’s whose in a relationship. It’s catchy, it’s sexy and it’s addicting.

Other songs such as ‘needy’, ‘fake smile’ and ‘in my head’ all discuss the realities of being a woman to perfection and really empower the idea that we all have insecurities and quirks even though we’re afraid to embrace them.

And of course, like we all speculated, she mentioned a few references about her exes. And no, I’m not talking about in the song ‘thank u, next’. Lyrics like “I wish he were here instead, don’t want that living in your head, he just comes to visit me when i’m dreaming every now and then” obviously hint at Mac Miller. While other lyrics obviously hint at her ex fiancee Pete Davidson.

Overall her fifth studio album has earned every ounce of credit she deserves as an artist. She speaks to our generation because she sings about topics and experiences we’ve all dealt with and highlights on the dark sides, while giving us a voice and doing it in a confident way.

If this album is any indicator as to how successful her career will continue to be, than we’re about to see and hear a lot more of her. And I can picture Ariana Grande becoming the next Beyonce or Mariah Carey.

So thank you, Ariana. We can’t wait to see what you do next.

Featured image via Emma / CC BY-SA


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