6 Tips For Surviving The Rest Of Winter With Some Sanity

TEven those of us who enjoy wintertime often find that the cold season starts to lose its charm before February 2nd rolls around and that groundhog provides his weather prediction. The desire to spend lazy snow days in bed gets replaced by a strong case of cabin fever. Blast away the winter blues by upping your self-love with these tips.

Get (or Make) Some Sunshine

Mental health professionals agree that getting adequate light exposure soothes even the most serious feelings of depression. Those suffering from seasonal affective disorder often receive treatment with light therapy to help dispel their winter despair. Everyone benefits from getting some additional rays during these shortest days of the year.

Aim to spend some time in direct sunlight daily whenever weather permits. Take a brisk walk or finish clearing that snowy front porch. Expose as much of your skin to the sun as you can despite the chilly winter temps to soak up vitamin D.

Consider investing in an artificial sunlight lamp for your home or office, especially if you live in a climate where venturing outdoors risks frostbite or other consequences of exposure. You can find such lamps on Amazon for less than $50, a worthy investment if it means cheering your winter spirits.

Bundle Up

Go ahead and engage in a bit of retail therapy if possible by stocking your closet with chic winter duds. Boots, scarves, gloves, and hats don’t just provide chapped skin relief — they also make adorable accessories when coordinated correctly.

Dress in layers so that you can easily strip away outer pieces as you warm up from the frigid temps outside. Don’t stop with simply grabbing some groovy new outerwear pieces, though! Stock your closet with cozy pajama pants and Sherpa socks to wear while lounging by the fire or binge-watching that new Netflix series.

Be Careful

People who grew up in the warm, sunny climates of Arizona and Florida often find themselves at a loss the first time they tackle driving in snow. I’m sure it sounds preach-y, but driving in the snow really can be very dangerous. One study found that over a period of ten years, there were over 445,000 people injured as a result of weather-related vehicle collisions.

Consider signing up for a winter driving course to learn how to safely navigate the snowy, icy streets.

Winterize your vehicle as well. Make sure you have good tires, and stock up on quality de-icing products to clear frozen windows and doors without having to slave away with an ice scraper.

Avoid Slipping And Sliding Away

Yes, watching people slip and slide down icy streets can make for entertaining viral videos, but falling fails to be funny when you find yourself in the ER. Most fashionable boots provide about as much traction as an oil slick, so invest in a pair of spiky shoe covers that make navigating icy patches less daunting.

Crave Some Cocoa

If sipping some hot chocolate isn’t the best winter blues buster outside of a Hawaiian holiday, it’s certainly a strong runner-up. Trade in your evening tea for a cup of cocoa, preferably with marshmallows. If you’re craving a bit more caffeine than a plain cup of hot chocolate contains, try out a specialty winter coffee recipe at home.

Relax In A Hot Bath

Cold winter temperatures make hot water more appealing than any other time of year. Harness the power of hydrotherapy to blast winter doldrums by relaxing in a candlelit bath. For even a bigger stress-busting punch, add aromatic bath salts to soothe achy muscles.

Love him or hate him, Old Man Winter pays the majority of the country a visit every year. Instead of spending November through March wallowing in snowy misery, embrace the cold season by treating yourself with extra care. With a tiny bit of creativity, winter can become your favorite time of the year.

Featured Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash.


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