7 Fun Ways To Celebrate International Sweatpants Day

January 21st is International Sweatpants Day! Who doesn’t love wearing sweatpants? They are loose-fitting, comfortable, and relatively cheap. But, if we love wearing sweatpants every day, then how can we make the most of this marvelous holiday?

Here are 7 fun ideas to help you embrace International  Sweatpants Day.

Decorate Your Pants

Let your creativity flow! Create cool designs on your pants using craft items like felt-tip pens, colorful glue, and fuzzy pom poms. Dress up your pants with your friends or as a solo craft project.

Create An Obstacle Course

Since we often associate sweatpants with exercise, why not go outside and have fun? Build the ultimate obstacle course right in your backyard! All you need are some cones, challenging activities, and maybe even a trampoline or a tire swing. Gather up your girlfriends and have fun getting fit while feeling comfy!

Indulge In Junk Food

Eating junk food in my favorite pair of sweatpants is one of my activities. Today, though, let’s take the junk food love to a whole new level! Bake some potato chip-breaded chicken or add ice cream to your cereal instead of plain old milk. Make the most satisfying meals possible and devour as much as you can without feeling one bit of guilt!


It does not matter which spot you choose; the couch, a chair, or your bed. Just relax, unwind, and let your mind be at peace. Sweatpants are loose-fitting, so they won’t be as uncomfortable when you’re laying down. When you chill in your favorite sweatpants, you will set yourself free.

Binge-Watch Your Favorites

Stream your favorite TV shows or movies all day. Don’t even move off the couch; just take your junk food meal to your seat, and park it! Not one to spend hours watching Netflix? No problem! You can spend the day reading books, too.

Fill Pinterest With  A Sweatpant Wish List

Enjoy the thrill of shopping without leaving the couch or spending a dime by creating a sweatpants wishlist on Pinterest. You can share this list with others for future gift ideas or simply save it for when you want to treat yourself later.

Research Sweatpants Around The World

Since it’s International Sweatpants Day, take some time and learn about how people in other countries enjoy sweatpants. This research will fun and educational at the same time! You can even add some international sweatpants to your Pinterest list to buy at a later date.

Maybe, sweatpants are not that high on the list of fashionable clothing, but they are incredibly comfortable. Celebrating International Sweatpants Day with some of these fun activities,  relax, and have a great time. So, enjoy your time in those comfy, loose-fitting pants today!

Featured image via Mike Von on Unsplash


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