6 Easy DIYs To Instantly Upgrade Your Workspace

I recently began my first adult career, which came with my own desk-area and all! After settling in, I quickly realized I needed to add some personality to my office space. I spend over 40 hours a week there, so I needed to make it my own! A space where I could feel happy and comfortable. I was overwhelmed at first, so I turned to Pinterest (of course!)

Here’s a list of my fav DYIs I stumbled on. Now it’s time to create my own space! Happy working!

1. The Mouse Pad
I think of the mouse pad as my computer’s broach, a little accessory in its own right. This DYI instructs one to use fabric over cork board! So simple! I was amazed at the beautiful fabric out there, check out Etsy, it’s pretty incredible – it makes personalization easy as 1, 2, 3.

2. Pretty Paper Clips
You can buy pretty paper clips similar to the ones made in this DIY, however, they can be pricey. I couldn’t allow myself to spend anything more than $2 on a tiny thing I’ll most likely lose. Then I found this tutorial, I can use dollar store clips, washi tape and gold paint (that I bought with a coupon) and create clips that are just as fun and as useful.

3. Mini Zen Garden
Work can be stressful (and occasionally boring), a Zen garden isn’t something I’d normally seek out, however, this simple and clever DIY Zen Garden changed my mind. Colored sand and crystals, here I come!

4. A Mature Desk Calendar
I bought this little block calendar from the dollar spot at target. The colors are sort of childish and doesn’t bring me a huge amount of joy when I glance at it, however, I didn’t have the energy to seek out anything different. Then I stumbled upon this DIY and I’m absolutely giving it a shot this weekend! I’m not crafty, but it seems simple enough!

5. Add Ambiance
I won’t go DIY with my lighting, I have some cute lights I’ve been meaning to use, however, here you can find a list of fun and easy DIY string lights! I LOVE string lights. And I enjoy creating ambience and adding some glow to my life.

(image via We Heart It)

6. Mini Macramé
It’s cliché, but I’m obsessed with macramé, wall hangings make my heart flutter. You could absolutely check out some handmade ones (they can be pricey) however, there are simple ones you can make yourself, like this tutorial here. When picking out your dowel you can go as big or as little as you need, customize to your workspace!!!

Now go create, my friends! Personalize your workspace and add a little joy to the mundane! If you still feel a tad lost, check out this simple guide that breaks down the necessities of your working area.

Featured image via Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash


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