25 Little Ways To Beat The Winter Blues This January

As we welcome January, the whole “New Year, New Me” saga traps many of us. While this mantra appears to give us a fresh lease of life in the early days of January, as the month slowly drags on, the cold weather persists, and our post-Christmas bank accounts continue to suffer. Suddenly, the prospect of a “Happy New Year” disappears.

By mid-January, the winter blues and broken resolutions have completely worn us out, and we begin to long for the Spring. In fact, studies have shown that the third Monday in January (internationally known as “Blue Monday”), is one of the most depressing days of the year.

When the January blues strike, self-care becomes particularly important.  It’s easy to sacrifice self-care in order to meet deadlines or tend to the children because it affects no one but us. However, it’s time to start appreciating ourselves again! So, I have created a January Survival Bucket List to help us all stay happy, healthy, and ready to face the year ahead.

January Survival Bucket List:

  1. Write down 10 things that make you proud.
  2. Make time for friends and family.
  3. Create a playlist of uplifting music, and play it when you’re feeling low.
  4. Cook your favourite meal.
  5. Take a night off to pamper yourself.
  6. Take a peaceful stroll.
  7. Detox your body by increasing your water intake.
  8. Write down troublesome or anxious thoughts to detox your mind.
  9. Take time to reflect on your accomplishments.
  10. Log off of social media for a day.
  11. Allow yourself at least one treat of your choice.
  12. Wear your favourite outfit.
  13. Take time to get ready in the morning.
  14. Meditate before bed.
  15. Make time for a creative activity, such as colouring or completing a jigsaw puzzle.
  16. Go to bed early one night per week.
  17. Start the day with a fruit smoothie.
  18. Visit your favourite place in your hometown.
  19. Wear bright colours.
  20. De-clutter part of your home.
  21. Write down reasons you are happy.
  22. Read a book or listen to a podcast.
  23. Complete those little tasks that you keep putting off.
  24. Try out a new hairstyle or makeup look.
  25. Write a letter to your future self.

Print this January survival bucket list and remind yourself to prioritize self-care this month. Check each item off the list as you complete it, and feel free to refer to this list throughout the year as well.

If you have any self-care tips of your own, share them with our readers in the comments below. Happy New Year, and best wishes for the year ahead!

Photo by Heather Shevlin on Unsplash


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