Please Just This Once, Let Me Save You From It All

Your head is spinning. Your body is broken. You struggle to stay afloat as the tidal waves to inadequacy relentlessly strike. An indescribable pain swallows you like a veil of darkness; an ache of emptiness eats away at your heart as you determine yourself unworthy.

I feel that pain in your heart. I’ll swim to save you from the crashing waves; I will help you carry that dark and dreadful burden.

Let me be your savior, if only for today.

Your confidence falters. Your resolve weakens. You feel utterly, helplessly lost in a sea of doubt. Inside a voice whispers of failure and beckons you to break your promises to stay. A terrible weight falls upon your chest, and inside everything simply aches.

But, let me nurse you back to health. I want to be your beacon of hope, like a lighthouse to bring you back to shore.

Let me protect you from yourself, if only just this once.

I wonder if I share just how phenomenal you are often enough. When I watch you tread water and feel the storm inside arise. I question if my words and love can ever be enough to bring you back. I need you to know that you are my world and nothing will ever change that, nothing will ever pull me from your side. Trust me, I can endure the darkest of days and even the stormiest of nights. But what I cannot do, my love, is never speak the words I’m about to share; my best attempt at putting into sentences all that you are in my eyes each and every day.

You are incredible. You’re delightful. You are phenomenal and sparkly, dazzling beyond compare. You’re strong; you are worthy; you are enough. And, most of all, you are loved. No matter where you rest your head at night, my dearest, I love you so very much.

So let me hold your soft and lovely hands. Allow me to surround you with my protective embrace. I know you’ve never asked for anything at all like this, but it’s what my life was made for.

Let me help you keep your promises and make it through tonight. Let me save you from the storm not just this one time, but forever. Please let me stay inside your heart.

Previously Published on Thought Catalog

Feature Image by Hannah Busing on Unsplash


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