The 10 Unwritten Rules You Need To Follow At The Gym

While the gym can be an intimidating place for many people, for others it can be a very comfortable and safe space. So much so that some people forget they are still in a public space and that they have to share it with everybody else. As a gym goer myself, I sometimes find it mind-boggling how little common sense some people have. So, let’s take a look at the essential rules we all should be following while working out.

1. No one likes a chatterbox
It’s nice of you to say hello but it’s best to keep your chatter to a minimum. The majority of people don’t consider the gym a place for making friends. They just want to work out and then get to work or go home. They are not interested in your diet plan or how much weight you’ve lost in the past week. Take my word for it! If you’re so desperate for chit-chat maybe you need a pal to come with you or you just need to cancel your membership and try something else.

2. Don’t strike a pose
This is a major *eye roll* moment for many of us. If you are so keen on taking 50 selfies in front of the weights, that’s fine. You do you, honey. But consider this: it is a total waste of your time and money if this is all you’re doing at the gym. Plus, you are most likely in everybody’s way. The gym is not your own personal selfie background.

3. Sweaty McSweatingson
Yup, they are out there! We have all smelled one at least once during their workout. Look, I am not saying you should be washing your workout gear every day. However,  if you are one of those people who sweat like they are on the surface of the sun, then I beg of you: wash or change your clothes every single time you come in! And please, wipe your sweaty DNA off the equipment.

Also, another point to be made is that too much perfume or cologne is a big gym no-no!! We are all trying to breathe while exercising and inhaling Chanel n°5 is not our ideal gym session.

4. No advice necessary!
A good piece of advice or a quick tip might change everything for someone’s work out plan. But nobody is looking for a personal trainer unless they’ve actually hired one. Don’t be that obnoxious person. If this is how I’m working out, it means this is how I want to be working out.

5. Keep your distance
Most gym classes involve exercises that require us to fling our arms/legs up in the air. We might need to do jumping jacks, planks, or squats. There is nothing more annoying than not having enough space because someone clearly doesn’t know what *personal space* means. Also, if you see me slowly distancing myself from you that does not mean that you should follow me.

6. Time’s up!
The general rule is that you are allowed 30 minutes with each equipment piece. Also, most gyms have signs put up to that effect. So why is it so hard to follow this rule? 30 minutes is more than enough and doing the same exercise for an hour is pointless. After 30 minutes, it’s probably not even having an effect on your body anymore.

7. Enough with the grunting
Ugh, seriously! You are not impressing anybody. To the contrary, you’re just annoying everybody else with you over the top and clearly exaggerated vocalizations. Nobody’s saying that you shouldn’t breathe loudly or grunt a little bit. But, when you grunt like a caveman and throw your weights on the floor, that’s just begging for attention.

8. Keep it on mute
There is something so plain disrespectful about a person talking or typing on their phone loudly. Especially, during classes which are supposed to be quiet and give your mind some much-needed rest like yoga for instance. Don’t answer your phone if you are in the middle of doing the child pose. Just don’t!

9. Cleanliness is Godliness
It’s been said before, but it has to be said as many times as possible. Clean the equipment after you’ve finished; wipe the sweat off your face; bring an extra t-shirt if necessary; for God’s sake people, cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. The gym is one of the best places for contracting flu and other nasty germs.

10. Have fun!
Lastly, if you are already following all the rules above it means that you just have one more thing to keep in mind: relax and have some fun! You’re in for a treat because endorphins are your body’s best friend!

We should all try to follow these rules in order to achieve a better workout experience; not only for others but for ourselves. Who likes to get dirty looks, anyway? In today’s society, it can be a breath of fresh air to act with respect and consideration towards others. So, now that you are all caught up, do you think your next trip to the gym will be better?

Featured image via ŞULE MAKAROĞLU on Unsplash



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