International Coffee Day: 8 Truths About Your Beloved Coffee Addiction

Happy International Coffee Day!

For many of us, coffee becomes a way of life as we enter the stage of adulthood where we must function at respectable hours. We feel like we can’t get by without it, like we need it to get out of bed and stay standing.

Then there’s those of us who are, well, addicted to the delightful dark drink (you know who you are).

In the spirit of International Coffee Day, here’s 8 realities that those of us who love coffee too damn much know all too well:

That craving that comes immediately after you wake up, and the brain fog that lingers until you get that first cup o’ joe.

That strong desire to tackle everything at once, but being way too energized to really buckle down that comes after a few too many cups.

People think you are super serious and have all your sh*t figured out just because they see you with that cup of hot heaven.

The increase in your heart rate that comes after just one more cup, with varied results in actually feeling alive.

Getting the “coffee jitters…”

You’ve got the best pick up line to use with someone cute while also getting to feed your addiction.

Caffeine-induced headaches. Enough said.

The real cost of your addiction.

I’m certain I’ve left a few off the list…I’ve only had one cup of coffee this morning, which we all know is not enough. Thankfully the coffee gods at Starbucks brew it up all day for us.

So, pour another cup or brew another pot: today’s a day to drink it up large!

Feature Image by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash



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