The ‘KUWTK’ Mid-Season Trailer Spills The Tea We’ve Been Waiting For

Let’s be real, it’s (almost) impossible to keeping up with the Kardashians now.

From secret babies to cheating scandals to new BF’s, the world simply cannot keep up with the craziness.

The only redeming thing that we have to help us keep up with the sh*t that is the Kardashian’s is their hit TV. Each episode gives us an inside scoop at significant events in the girl’s lives that help us relive each moment. So, if we couldn’t keep up with the #breakingnews, we can catch up a few months later.

Coming soon, fans will be able to see Tristan Thompson’s cheating scandal unfold. Allegedly, Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian while he was on the road. (He is a basketball player if y’all didn’t know.) And yes, he cheated on Khloe while she was pregnant with HIS CHILD. 

In the mid-season trailer first posted by E! News, Kim Kadashian West, 37, is (basically) ready for a fight after the cheating allegations surface.

“They have another video of him,” Kim says in the trailer. “Unfollowed, I hate him Sorry, not sorry.”

Days after the news broke, Khloe welcomed her daughter True on April 12.

How she ever handled giving birth, the cheating scandal and being stuck in Cleveland miles away from her family, I will never know. Khloe really is A-MA-ZING.

After the cheating scandal, Khloe tried to just focus on True.

“The things I can control, I have to be able to control,” Khloe says before another scene shows her going into labor while she hopes that everyone gets to the hospital in time.

How Khloe was able to forgive Tristian and move forward with him, I am still yet to understand. Even after ALL the evidence that was presented, it is VERY clear he cheated. Hopefully the rest of the KUWTK season will give us a better insight into Khloe’s thoughts, actions and reasoning for staying with that… man.

Besides seeing this horrifying cheating sandal unfold, the trailer also hints at spilling the details of some other tea. This season will also touch on Kanye West. (Need I say more?)

“Just because he has an opinion, it doesn’t mean he’s mentally ill,” Kim says.

Also, remember the fued between Kim and Kourtney? Yeah, that is still going on.

*For those of you who just can’t keep up*

Kourtney tweeted “We all have our own priorities. Mine is being a mother. #KUWTK

As you can image, that tweet did not go over well. And Kim was PISSSED. Thus ensued an all out war between Kim and Kourtney where very hurtful things were said.

Oh, and Kim also said that Kourtney was the “least interesting to look at” out of all the Kardashian/Jenner sisters. OUCH.

So, don’t worry. More updates on that will be coming in this season as well. *clears schedule so I can attempt to keep up.*

And lastly Kris Jenner is urging her children to use their platform for good.

“If we can use our connections, I think we can make a very immediate difference in a lot of people’s lives,” she says.

They may have started their fame with a simple sex tape, but now they are making moves… Political moves. Watch out world.

Months after all of this sh*t went down, you’ll finally get all the tea. Hopefully this season will help us catch up on most things. We probably still won’t understand what is going on in Kourtney’s dating life or understand her relationship with Scott, but that’s okay. That tea is still cooking and unfolding. (Just going to have to wait for next season I guess.) So, sit back and watch. This is sure to be an episode and season none of us KUWTK fans will ever forget.

Featured image by Kris Jenner from Instagram. 


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