8 Reasons Why You Should Start Meditating Everyday

The overall atmosphere in and around cities has reached a critical level of stress in the past years. In such a mentally polluted environment, we are the only ones responsible for improving our own life quality. One great way to do this is by meditating.

Maybe the best way to fight your way out through bad moods, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and all negative energies around you is by practicing any type of meditation on a daily basis. You won’t believe how much simple meditation practiced every day can change your mood and your perception about life.

You’ll become peaceful and understanding as you become self-aware, and your mind will be clearer and clearer as the days pass by. Here are just 7 of the multitude of reasons why daily meditation is good for you, even while you’re on vacation.

1. Increases Happiness

Several studies have been conducted concerning the increase of happiness by meditating and most of them, if not all, stated that the results are irrefutable. You see, meditation is proven to trigger our pituitary gland to secrete the endorphins responsible for elevating good moods in our body.

This means that our body will always recognize this activity as something good because when you’re practicing meditation, your brain has a positive mental, emotional, and physical experience.

2. Helps You Release Stress

While your brain is releasing endorphins that enhance positiveness it’s obvious that the level of stress will automatically be reduced according to your level of involvement in the meditation. If you’re fully present in your meditation, there will be no place left for stress.

As Daniel Bergson, the HR manager at assignmentgeek.com.au, stated, “Types of meditation such as mindfulness will help you understand yourself better and eventually, you’ll come to realize there’s actually nothing to worry about. If one problem can’t be solved, why worry about it? Same if it can be solved.”

3. Improves Your Sleep

Most people, from teenagers to Gen X, suffer from sleep deprivation, which is very bad for one’s health. Meditation is one of the proven practices that can improve the quality of your sleep. Through meditation, you’ll learn self-discipline and self-awareness.

This means that you’ll come to know yourself better, so you know how many hours your body needs to sleep for a proper good night rest.  Moreover, there are several types of meditation to induct a good sleep or to deal with insomnia simply by focusing your mind on diverse processes that will help you relax more and more until you finally fall asleep.

4. Improves Your Focus

With all the stress, negative energies, and sleep deprivation that we may encounter, we struggle so much to stay focused on our work and personal responsibilities. All this struggle just to eventually fail in the end…

But how can one be focused and present in what he’s doing in such a polluted atmosphere, I wonder.

If we want to improve our productivity and our focus, we truly need some help to alleviate the symptoms of our often-polluted environments. By practicing meditation every day, you’ll notice that your ability to focus on your assignments will drastically improve day by day.

5. Eases the Pain

Meditation is a great pain relief on the physical plan, but especially on the mental and the emotional plan. We’re all so sensitive or so angry from time to time and we can barely manage our emotions. A long-term practice of meditation will, first of all, change your perception about pain. Secondly, it will help you manage your emotions in a more effective manner. So, once you get accustomed to regular meditation, you’ll never know pain like you did before.

6. Balance

All of us are seeking balance and joy. However, many of us are getting quite the opposite: chaos and misery. You see, once you practice meditation regularly, your mind will become more disciplined and organized. Therefore, everything will be easier to control, and nothing will stay in your way to have exactly the life you want to have. You’ll finally be sovereign.

7. Promotes a Healthy Life

As stated above, meditation will help you defeat stress, sleep deprivation, and everything that brings a negative impact on both your physical and mental state. You’ll be a healthier person within weeks without any struggle, in fact with pleasure.

For instance, blood pressure can be reduced by meditating daily, and it works for both short-term and long-term problems. If you have trouble with your blood pressure, the stress that you’re facing on a regular basis might be the main cause!

8. Allows you to Explore

Here’s my last tip. If you’re new to meditation, I’d suggest you try meditating in different ways. Do your research on the most common practices, seek some instructional content, and start implementing them one by one. In time, you’ll notice that some meditation techniques fit you better than others. By the time you realize that, your self-awareness will already be positively different!

I honestly think that improving our quality of life couldn’t possibly be easier than this. With 30 minutes of daily practice, our whole world and system of beliefs will be turned upside down and all for the better.  Even when you’re on vacation, why pause such a good habit? Your entire holiday will be so much better by practicing a bit of meditation every few days.

Featured image via Mor Shani on Unsplash


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