6 Cute Pictures To Take With Pool Floats Before Summer Ends

Pool floats. What started as a necessity for those learning to swim as young kids has now become a must-have accessory that’s mandatory for our social media feeds. Pool floats are a trend I love because each float and pose can be so unique to the person, so even though you see the same pink flamingo in every photo, each picture turns out a tad different.

But, how do you take a good photo without struggling to feel stuck, wet or  ugly, or typical? Well, I have some ideas that will definitely help you create your own pool float pic identity.

Include Your Friends


Sometimes,  the best pics happen when you have a few girls trying to get on a massive unicorn or hanging off the side of a pineapple while holding  drinks. The best part about these kind of pictures is that they are candid and can be dysfunctionally hilarious to take.

Hold The Float Close to You

If you want to show off that killer body you worked hard for or the beautiful bathing suit you got on sale last week, try holding your pool float casually, so you still get it in the picture, but you are still getting all the attention. Sometimes these inflatables can steal our thunder, so steal that thunder right back!

Keep Your Pool Float In The Background

If you’re having a glass of rosé or a slice of pizza poolside, have the food product on your lap or in your hand, and keep  the float in the distance. It’s punny, adorable, and oddly visually pleasing! Plus, no one ever does this so it’s a nice change on your feed, and it will get you all the likes!

Strike a Goofy Pose


You just got on that damn thing after a few minutes of struggles, so post a pic with a corny caption to indicate that even Instagram models struggle to “do it for the ‘gram.” A funny pose not only makes your photo unique, but it ups your caption game, as well.

Lounge Around


I know this can be hard, depending on your float, but if you have a solid pool float that you can  balance on well, lay back and pose. You can do this from a distance, or you can have someone take a picture of you dead-on while they stand on the side of the pool to get your face from a bird’s-eye view.

Keep the Float in the Corner


Last but not least, if you really don’t want to get wet or look unflattering while you’re trying to get on a float, just stand in the water and have it float in the background  near you. This is so effortless and casual, plus it helps you hide some parts of your body you may not feel comfortable showcasing.

Taking a good Insta pic doesn’t mean you have to do the typical poses, such as kissing your unicorn or swan or holding your sprinkled doughnut around your face and smiling. You can be as unique as you want to be, and the options are endless, as long as you can get some awesome angles and pool floats.

Featured Photo via sarah_jane_betts_fanaccount.


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