I Tried Customized Shampoo For My Hair & Here’s What Happened

It was late at night, while scrolling through my Facebook feed, that I saw the ad. It featured bright, candy-colored bottles of shampoo and conditioner that you could customize to your hair’s needs.

Intrigued, I clicked on the ad and followed through to the company’s website. I noticed they are cruelty-free, which personally either makes or breaks my decision to support a beauty company.

On the website, I clicked through a series of questions about my hair type, scalp moisture, hair thickness, and desired effect for my hair care products. In the end, I was asked to select a color and scent for the formula of my shampoo and conditioner set.

I have tricky hair. It’s extremely long, nearly to my waist, with a wavy-curly texture that’s prone to frizz. On top of that, I dye my hair red with henna, so I have to avoid products containing oil as it will strip the henna from the hair shaft. While choosing the formula for my shampoo and conditioner, I paid close attention to the ingredients. I enjoyed that these were listed beneath each ‘hair goal’ I selected, so if I chose ‘deep condition’ as the desired effect, I could quickly see that the key ingredients for this type of formula included Shea butter and almond extract.

Finally, I selected a coconut-pineapple scent from a list of possibilities that included peony, hibiscus, eucalyptus, fragrance-free, and more! And in addition to having the freedom to choose the scent of the formula, you can also select the strength of the aroma.

This culminated in an entirely unique set of shampoo and conditioner, complete with bottles that had my name on them. A week later, I received my order! It came in cute packaging, but I was more excited to get to the products themselves.

When I tried the shampoo and conditioner that day, My first impression was that the shampoo was extremely easy to lather. Given the tangle-prone nature of my hair, this was a great component of the shampoo because it meant less scrubbing and therefore less opportunity for knots to form!

After using my custom hair products, I did notice my hair felt softer and more tangle-free. These were among some of the ‘hair goals’ I selected, so I’m happy to see that these products delivered what they promised! I did notice a bit of frizz at the crown of my head after use, and I think this can be attributed to the conditioner, which was not quite as thick or moisturizing as I would have liked. That said, the flaw was in the goals I had selected for my particular hair type, rather than the formula itself.

I can definitely see this company and service being useful to someone with a sensitive scalp or hair with extra needs, such as extremely fine hair that gets weighed down easily by product. Because it’s so customizable, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a hair need the website doesn’t cater to.

Overall, I would rate my experience with Function of beauty at a 7 or 8 out of 10. I loved the personalized experience, and the shampoo was great. However, the formula of the conditioner left something to be desired as it was not quite quenching enough for my dry hair. I went through the 8 oz conditioner within less than a month, but the shampoo is still mostly full. I can tell it will continue to last for a long time!

The product is on the pricier end, at about $40 for a one-time set of 8 oz shampoo and conditioner. I’m not sure I would repurchase the conditioner, but the shampoo is something I can definitely see myself buying again in future!

Featured Image via Pexels


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