11 Celebrity-Owned Restaurants In North America That You Need To Visit

If there’s one thing regular people love is the power of a celebrity. We’re oddly infatuated by them and follow their influence. Some celebrities have taken the opportunity to connect with their fans and give them an opportunity to experience what they do on a daily basis. And what better to do that through but with food?

Here are 11 celebrity-owned restaurants you should check out in North America:

1. Back 40 by Olivia Culpo North Kingstown, Rhode Island
The former Miss USA winner opened a family restaurant in Rhode Island with her dad Peter and her cousin Josh. It’s more casual with a red farmhouse building and a beautiful back patio. They even serve home style type of cooking to ensure guests have the best comfort!

2. Silos Baking Co. by Chip and Joanna Gaines in Waco, Texas.
Obviously, you know it’s this bakery is going to look modern and fabulous considering who made it. But the food is even better! Another fun fact is that the now restored building used to be the flower shop Chip always used to buy flowers for his wife from!


3. FGL House by Florida Georgia Line in Nashville, Tennessee
This has easily become one of the most bumpin’ hot spots in Nashville. It’s 4 layers full of southern dining and drinking, amazing entertainment (obviously, look who owns it), and always has a party vibe going.

4. Chicken + Beer by Ludacris in Atlanta, Georgia
Before you go looking for this restaurant in the busiest spot in Atlanta, you actually have to go to in the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to go! It specialized in supper-style dining and full of southern comfort food. That’s right, waffles and whiskey based gravy and all!


5. Fat One’s Hot Dogs & Italian Ice by Joey Fatone in Orlando, Florida
That’s right, you can now get Joey from *NSYNC’s fat one, a hot dog that is. And if you get the Boybander dog, you get 5 mini hot dogs that symbolize the members of his band! You can find this location in the Florida Mall in Orlando.


6. The Eating Establishment by Ty Burrell in Park City, Utah
The Modern Family dad’s family-owned restaurant group purchased the traditional eatery in 2016 and didn’t change much after it was in their possession. The only changes made were to the drink menu to include other connections to other Utah-based brands.


7. Hines Ward’s Tavern 86 by Hines Ward in Seven Fields, Pennsylvania
Like the good former Steelers player he is, what better way to be an homage to his former home during his many seasons in the NFL than to open a fine dining restaurant? He also makes regular appearances to meet fans, so be prepared if you go!


8. Saints and Sinners by Channing Tatum in New Orleans, Louisiana
Right on Bourbon Street in the NOLA is where you can find this savvy restaurant/bar. It comes equipped with an elite seafood and drink menu, as well as a party vibe for special occasions! You’re either a saint or a sinner, and if Channing Tatum is involved, I always want to be a sinner, just saying!

9. Whiskey Row by Dierks Bentley in Phoenix, Arizona
Like any good country singer, this bad is full of good entertainment, great southern-style cooking and plenty of different drink options! He’s also said to have made several surprise appearances to perform too. Dinner and a free Dierks show? I’ll take it!


10. Pick 6IX, by Drake in Toronto, Ontario
The Canadian rapper just opened this restaurant/lounge that’s aimed specifically for celebrities, yet is affordable for the regular person who wants a special night out. It’s even built with a back entrance so you know some stars will be in the dining room at some point.


11. Wahlburgers, by Donnie and Mark Wahlberg in… All over North America
The superstar brothers and their brother Paul currently have 18 locations all over North America from their hometown of Boston, to Iowa, Toronto, Kansas, Connecticut, Nevada, and more. This is by far one of my favorite celebrity-family owned restaurants simply based on the family feel they have and the delicious food!


It’s frustrating when you don’t live in major cities like New York or LA where you can get to explore well-known celebrity-owned restaurants where your guaranteed to get a taste of Hollywood. Who knew there were so many others owned by celebs around North America with different kind of vibes depending on what you’re looking for?

Featured image via Shirota Yuri on Unsplash



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