Read This The Next Time You Forget How Strong You Are

The inspiration behind the Warrior poem came about during a rather dark period of my life; several months ago, I began having a lot of unexplainable health issues that were leaving me feeling defeated (we later discovered I had a Vitamin D deficiency, and now I am well on the mend). The poem is basically my words to my inner self when I needed some encouragement. I was thinking about a “what if” scenario. What if I could physically sit down and visit the inner core of myself? I wrote a monologue in my mind of words my mother would say to me; the kind of inspiration and determination she gives me.

The poem was born in a matter of twenty minutes; one of those pieces of work in which writers love. The art just comes to you during your most vulnerable times. I love this poem because it drips passion and feeling; it’s human reality. I am still an anxiety sufferer to this day so even going back and reading it is an encouragement.

You are a warrior
Always remember that
Every time you feel like life has knocked you flat
Like your disability makes you feel like you’re not all that
It’s not who you are, not how you’re defined
The inside is what counts, your heart, soul and the intellect of your mind

You are a warrior
A true fighter against your anxiety
An unwelcome companion imposed on you by a cruel, dark society
Standing tall, talking loud
Who you are is someone who should be proud

You are a warrior
Don’t give up, don’t lose hope
In this world, you simply have to learn to cope
Realizing you’re not different, just simply unique
One of a kind
You have a story to tell, and a chance to speak your mind

You are a warrior
When you feel fear and loneliness seeping in
Just take a look around at where you are going, and who you’ve been

You are a warrior
Standing tall, talking loud
Embrace your truth, and be proud

You are a warrior
The sheer panic that sometimes inhabits your mind, and the pain you feel coursing through your body
Is no match for the courage you can show to everybody
Attitude matters, keep going and don’t let anything or anyone stop you
Let people see your joy, determination too
Remember, you are a warrior

The poem serves as a reminder to my soul that I can overcome any obstacle. Strength is often one part of myself that I forget that I possess. I hope that someone feels the same sense of liberation in reading my words as I do with this particular piece. I hope it empowers women and reminds them that they are worth a priceless amount in this world; their worth is to come from themselves. Life is about finding your center and learning to balance it all; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Living your truth. Owning it. Be the warrior you were meant to be.

Featured image via Vladimir Fedotov on Unsplash


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