7 Emotional Stages You Go Through When Your Ex Moves On First

Going through a breakup can go one of two ways: either really great or it can be a slow nose dive into every emotion possible. If it’s more of a recent departure of ways, then it’s totally understandable to have these feelings amplified. Regardless, everyone goes through these stages of finding out our ex has moved on.

1. Shock

“How the heck could they have they moved on so quickly!?” We all say it if it’s been 3 years or 2 months. Either way it always hits you a little bit and you didn’t think they’d find someone else, even though it’s totally acceptable for you to, but not them.

2. Psycho Stalker

Once you have a name to go off of or a social media handle, buckle up because it’s go time. You creep her Instagram, photos she’s tagged in, pictures your ex is tagged in in hopes to see her with him, her Facebook, Twitter (we really gotta keep tags) and everything else you can find. It’s not that you want to know if she’s a right fit for him, it’s that you’re better than she is, so why not creep?

3. Let The Ladies Know
Screenshots are immediately sent and the discussion/pig roast will begin. You might feel that you’re better looking or a better person than she is, butut that brings me to the next point.

4. You’ve Moved On

It’s been a while. Maybe you’ve seen other people since, maybe you’ve been painfully single. Either way, you have done your best to move on and you feel like you have zero feelings for him still. He’s your ex for a reason. But then you get a plot twist.

5. You Get Angry/Sad But Still Deny it To People

You are not fine, and you can’t hide it anymore. And now you are coming to that realization.

6. You Feel Betrayed
Maybe you feel like you made a promise to always love each other regardless of the a new relationship or that you’re still experiencing the initial shock of discovering he’s moved on. You still feel a little betrayed and you can’t explain why.

7. You Feel Like Crap About Yourself Whether you thought you moved on and realized you haven’t or just wish you were the one to be getting into a new relationship you just feel bad about yourself. You can’t help but feel jealous and upset and that’s normal. We all go through it, so don’t worry, you’re not alone.

There are many emotions and stages we experience, and while we’re still getting over the initial shock of what’s happening it’s important to remember that they are out of your life for a reason so there’s no reason to get upset over it.

Our egos are a little hurt so that’s why we’re acting this way.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash


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