18 Things To Do This Summer That Won’t Break Your Bank Account

Can you believe it’s almost the end of the school year? With summer shortly approaching you must be just counting down the days. There are several fun activities you and your friends can do that won’t make you break the bank. While I was in college and even now I’m constantly looking for ways to save money. Why would I want to work hard and blow my entire paycheck on going out? Even if you are done with college or never went this can still apply to you!

About a year ago, I was living at home in Boca Raton, Florida, with my parents until my 25th birthday. It was then I thought I would go on a book tour for a few months. The book tour started in Pensacola, Florida (Florida’s most northwestern city) I tried making myself busy by filling my schedule with book readings and farmer’s markets to sell my book. We all know you can’t be working 24/7… you do need some time to have fun. Living in Pensacola was a HUGE culture shock for a girl that lived in the posh world of Boca Raton. There wasn’t much to do but I found things to do that would make me happy.

It does help if you live in a huge metropolitan city as there is always something to do, but even if you live in a small town or in the middle of nowhere in the country, I’ve come up with a list to feast your fancy!

Things to do for cheap in a small country town:  

  1. Go to a farmer’s market walk around, listen to the live music, take some photos and have a cup of joe.
  2. Run/walk downtown. If you have a dog take them too. It’s great exercise for the 2 of you and it also helps to increase your endorphin levels.
  3. Host a BBQ party. These are great for the summer time. Tell your guests to bring a bathing suit because you will have a water balloon fight after dinner.
  4. Have a movie and pizza night with friends. Go to your local supermarket and pick up the ingredients you will need to make a pizza. Call up your girlfriends: have one bring the popcorn, another bring candy and one to surprise you all with a movie.
  5. Sunday Brunch the right way! Call up the ladies, get dressed, and munch on yummy finger foods with over-flowing bubbly.
  6. Camping, anyone? This activity isn’t for everyone. But if you go with the “right” people you can really make it a ball. Activities like this one are best in a large group. Haven’t you ever heard the phrase, “more the merrier?” It really is true.

Things to do for cheap in a medium-sized city:  

  1. Spa day with your besties. Look for a new salon in town to save on the services. Don’t forget to post a selfie if you got your hair and nails done. You can even look for an Aveda teaching school. Most of their services are about 50% off the price if you were to go to their salon.
  2. Everyone’s happy at a happy hour. What’s nice about happy hours is that you can go to those fancy restaurants you normally might not be able to afford for less. Almost every restaurant has a happy hour time. Look at the restaurant/bar’s web page before so you have an idea. You can find drinks for 50-75% off and food for as low as $5-$10. It’s really amazing and the atmosphere is lovely.
  3. Bowling. Many bowling places offer discounts on certain nights of the week.. Bring your student ID to save even more!
  4. City Scavenger Hunt. I bought one on Groupon for me and my boyfriend to help us navigate the city of Tallahassee better. You can go any time of day. It is more fun during the late hours. However, if you do go when it’s dark out make sure you really know your area well.
  5. Dancing classes. You can be the next top performer. I’m serious. Sign up for whatever kind of dance you feel like learning and go from there.
  6. Painting with a Twist. These wine and painting classes are too much fun. I went one time with my best friend Kevin. You do not need to be the next Picasso or Renoir. Just relax, have a sip of wine and let the paint brush dance away. Still, to this day, I have my “work of art” hanging in my kitchen to remind me of a fun time I had.

Things to do in a Big City:

  1. Go in a hot air balloon. I just saw this incredibly low rate on Groupon so I had to do it!
  2. Host a party as a way to meet more friends. Since my boyfriend and I just moved to the Tampa Bay area he had decided to build a wooden bar. He thought it would make entertaining with friends and family more enjoyable. He was right! Everyone that comes brings their favorite dish or dessert.
  3. Yoga in the park. (free) The park near where I live, Vinoy Park, kind of resembles Central Park in NYC. It’s very serene and open, tons of youngsters plop themselves their and zone out.
  4. Meditation class. Just within the last 6-8 months, I have really gotten more into meditation, Kadampa Meditation to be exact. A Buddhist temple usually hosts these sorts of classes, most are $10 for the motivational talks and a $2 suggested donation.
  5. Rent Segways for an afternoon! Again, Groupon is the perfect site for something like this. I went on them a few years back in South Beach Miami. Be careful you don’t lean too far forward or backward. You will fall and get a big bruise. That happened to me. It was a total “facepalm” moment.
  6. Visit an art museum. Bring your student ID to save on admission. Stroll around and explore the museum. Even maybe stop in the cafe for a lite bite.

I hope you all find some fun and low-cost activities from the lists I have provided for you, based on your geographical location. What kind of things do you plan to do this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

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