Christina Aguilera’s Reasoning For Dissing The Voice Is Ridiculous

Shots have been fired people! Christina Aguilera, aka the perennial loser in the battle of 90s pop princess superstardom, has come out against The Voice with some not so nice things to say.

In an interview she did with Billboard Magazine, when asked if she would ever return to the show which helped keep her career afloat, she chose to respond in a classless way.

Some of my favorite lines include:

“churning hamster wheel”
“energy sucker”
“longing for freedom”
“desperately trying to express myself through clothing or makeup”

While I do understand that The Voice has become a bit strenuous to keep up with, I don’t think it’s quite fair to bite the hand that fed you homegirl. Yes, The Voice does feel more like a show about compelling human stories than the singing, it’s the reason why these people have such powerful, emotional performances and captivate us week in and week out. When is the last time Christina released a song that made us feel something?

Recently, Christina Aguilera was given a “tribute” on Lip Sync Battle featuring the ever hilarious Taye Diggs and the ICONIC Erika Jayne (of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fame). When I tell you that they did Christina better than she did, I’m not kidding. Take a look below.

In all truth, listening (or reading) to the former “Dirrty” girl complain about an incredible job is sucking my energy. On top of that, there have been more than enough women in the music business who have long surpassed you and your success. Yes, your vocal range is INSANE, but you come across as cold, bitter, and often times better than everyone else.

Also, if James Corden can’t make you tolerable, than no one can sweetie.

If you think back to when Christina Aguilera was musically and commercially relevant, it was in 2006-2007 when she went through that whole 1920’s candy striper era. You can complain all you want about something being not worth your time or longing for freedom, but look at ANY judge on The Voice and they have had MORE success since joining the show. Adam Levine and Maroon 5 continue to have more and more success every year, Blake Shelton has become a household name, Gwen Stefani reemerged in the spotlight, Alicia Keys has found a new platform to produce artists and share her social justice and society issues. Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Shakira and Cee-Lo all took stops at The Voice and used the platform given to them to make it financially beneficial for them.

Christina Aguilera’s thin excuses as to why she would never return to the show and how she’s almost victimized herself because of it are flawed.

Your time is up sweetie. Much like “fetch,” your music career is not happening. We have much better musical acts to listen to, you second rate Britney Spears.

Featured Image via Christina Aguilera. 


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