Kourtney Kardashian Just Spoke To Congress About A Very Real Issue

Just admit it, we all thought that the first Kardashian clan member to set foot in Washington D.C. (for something other than a photo op) would be Kanye in 2020.

But we were all very wrong. Kourtney Kardashian is the first Kardashian/Jenner to truly get their hands dirty in the world of politics.

On Tuesday, Kourtney and New Jersey Representative Frank Pallone Jr. spoke to Congress about the outdated FDA regulations for cosmetics. 

Kourtney and Frank Take D.C? That has a nice ring to it. (We better get a dope spin-off out of this.)

As of right now, the FDA can not legally recall beauty products. Even if those products give you the biggest, nastiest rash or cause your hair to fall out. The FDA can’t legally do anything about it.

The Cosmetics industry is one of the few industries that is left untouched by federal regulations. In fact, it has almost been 80 years since major regulations were implemented in the beauty industry. These rules are basically as old as your grandma. YIKES.

Makeup has come a long ways since the stone ages when only harlots wore makeup. Now, cosmetics are almost a life essential. From the cheapest shampoo to the most exclusive lip gloss (*cough* Kylie *cough*), basically everyone in modern America uses some type of beauty product. Following rules from the “olden days” to regulate our more technologically advanced contour kits, eye shadow and hair dyes, is no bueno. There is definitely a need for a change in the FDA cosmetic regulations.

“That is simply unacceptable, and we really should be taking this opportunity to consider legislation to give FDA the authority and the resources to ensure cosmetics are safe for the American people,” Frank Pallone Jr. said.

Wait, so why does Kourtney care? Because normally she doesn’t give a f***.

Besides the fact that her sisters literally make zillions of dollars from their cosmetic lines and her collaboration with Kylie launched Tuesday (coincidence?), Kourtney really does care about the well-being of others.  Along with Kim and Kylie, Kourtney is also a vocal supporter of organic and eco-friendly beauty products.

“When I had my first son, I started learning so much about the foods that I was feeding him and it just kind of all snowballed,” Kourtney said during a briefing with the Environmental Working Group President Ken Cook. “I would use the things that people sent me just assuming these are baby products and that they should be safe. I remember learning from my mom friends that these were not healthy at all.”

Does that surprise you? I mean, she has always been good at reminding others about big issues.

Now, the EWG and Kourtney are urging Americans to sign a petition to support the Personal Care Products Safety Act, which would require ingredients included in personal care products to be tested for safety. Kourtney also assured the public that KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics are working to provide safe products that are toxic chemical-free. Your favorite sassy Kardashian got sh*t done today.

(Time to stock up on all the non-toxic Kardashian Beauty products!)

Featured image by Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram. 


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