14 ‘Normal’ Things Girls Do That Guys Will Never Understand

The difference between men and women is a tale as old as time, just like Beauty and the Beast. Each gender does some really odd and questionable things that the other doesn’t quite understand. I got together with my man panel, or as I like to call them my manel, to ask them what are some things women do that make no sense.

Brandon, 21: “Girl’s changing an entire outfit because she didn’t shave her legs. That’s weird.”

You wouldn’t be complaining if you felt the prickles all night long, just saying!

giphy (39)Alex, 25: “Girls sharing bra!s What is the difference between me lending my bro my boxers and saying ‘Here man, it’ll go well with your outfit tonight’ and a girl doing that with her bra? Nasty.”

Actually, there is a huge difference! Bra sharing or hand me down bras are so normal with women that it’s almost become second nature.

giphy (40)

Dave, 24: “Why do you like Starbucks so much?!!!!???!!”

I really can’t answer that question for you… Nor could any other girl!

giphy (41)

Jordan, 23: “Why do they insist on going to the nail salon to get your nails done, but all you do is talk smack with your friends and the nail ladies? If you’re going to gossip, go for drinks, and don’t waste that much money to get colors you don’t even like. Damn.”

If you think the nail salon is bad, imagine the hair salon! It’s even worst than what happens at the barber shop… Don’t think we don’t know what goes on in those places!

giphy (42)

Morgan, 20: “How do you multitask so well? It’s like you have a super power…”

Well Morgan, you’re not lying!

giphy (43)

Caleb, 21: “When they ask you to pick something up like orange juice but it’s not pulp free so you have to go back to the store and get the proper one. What’s worse is for the rest of your life you will have to hear about the 1 time you got OJ with pulp. Even if it has no relevance to the situation. -_- #manproblems

But do men ever learn to buy the right one!? Valid point though, I’ll give you that.

giphy (44)

Tyler, 22: “Where to start… haha. Why say the opposite of what you mean, not specifying what’s the bother, how it’s expected of men to remember such small details, unnecessary and avoidable drama between friends.”

I promise you as confusing as we seem, we genuinely are easy to master once you find out how we operate!

giphy (45)

David, 23: “Why they think it’s okay to pull out their hair in the shower and then proceed to stick it on the shower tiles… I get it falls out but can’t you wash it down the drain?”

Not even going to lie, I cannot stand when women do that either!

giphy (38)

Devante, 25: “When girls pee with the door open 😂”

Guys do that too! And they leave the seat up, and if the seat is down they usually leave pee on it as well.

giphy (46)

Anthony: “Why is it that no matter how beautiful you tell them they are that they never see themselves the way you see them?”

Brownie points Anthony, brownie points.

giphy (47)

David, 21: “Why do they comfort puking friends in bathrooms? Just let them yack!”

I don’t understand that one either… I really don’t.

giphy (48)

Ryan, 23: “Biggest problem is when they don’t tell you what they want. Example: if I’m going to hang out with the guys or go to the bar, you ask them if they are okay with that or if they would like to see you instead of going out and they say they are fine with whatever and then get upset with that you didn’t see them at a later date.”

To sum this point up, women are too shy in a way to say “I wanna see you, let’s stay in”, and they don’t want to seem too clingy. Deep down we always hope you are willing to stay in, and when you don’t it almost lets us down. It’s almost like a twisted test that almost every guy fails, but when they pass… It’s worth it!

giphy (49)

Matt, 20: “The free the nipple campaign thing… And the bull ring piercing.”

Just let women be who they want to be!

giphy (50)

Andre, 21: “Why are girls so friendly when they’re drunk and in a public washroom, but never any other time.”

Alcohol gives us goggles that blocks us from seeing the true colours of other people unless they blatantly do something to make us angry.

giphy (51)


Moral of the story: Keep the door closed when you pee, be nice to everyone, and tell a man what you want!

Featured image via Aline Viana Prada on Pexels


  1. i dont do any of them but the hair shower thing. like sometimes i realize i have hair in my arm after i turn off the shower and i cant shake it off cuz im wet and i cant wash it off either cuz i turned the shower off. but it DOES stick on stuff so i stick it in the shower but it doesnt matter bc i clean up afterwards when im dry.


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