How The New Target App Will Save You Both Time And Money

It’s no secret that the world we live in is very technology reliant. From health trackers to calendar integrations, it’s no doubt we would be very close to lost without these savvy tools. Now, I know we all have our favorite set of smartphone apps readily available on our home screen, but I am here to ask one question, is the new Target app part of them?

Many are familiar with the older version of the Target app, known strictly as “Cartwheel.” Cartwheel allowed users to save 5-50% on a variety of items throughout Target stores. All a user had to do was simply browse through the app before shopping, or (my favorite) scan the barcode of a product to view if there was a coupon available! So easy… right? It got easier!

Target has now integrated both the Cartwheel app and Target store app together, creating this “steroid” Target application. What makes this application so much better? Oh, where do I start!

Choose YOUR Store. Very similar to the old app, you can choose YOUR most frequently visited store. This means that if this store is hosting a “this store only” sale, you are sure to find the sweet deals on your app! In fact, you will even receive emails with exclusive coupons (but, only if you are an app user!).

Cartwheel tailors to YOU. After using the app for a few shopping sprees, you will start to create a personal bond with the app. Meaning, Target will learn what you like from your frequent purchases (the perfect relationship). This includes brands, food flavors/preferences, hobbies and even gender-specific interests! Spoiler alert: Target’s Market Pantry brand is ALWAYS 5% off or more!

Find anything, anywhere. Say you are trying out a new recipe and it calls for “coconut-aminos” (true story…). If you are anything like me, you are most likely asking yourself “what the hell is a coconut-amino?” and deciding whether or not it’s a necessary ingredient. It most likely is (yes, it was) and you should probably find it! Instead of creeping down every aisle, you can now plug in the product to your app and let it guide you! Not only can you view the store aisle, but with your location settings enabled, you can see a blue dot sitting directly on top of where your little treasure is located! Hint: use the ‘My Lists’ tab to jot down what you need during your trip – like a virtual shopping list! Check off items as you go to ensure you are getting the deals you deserve!

Flawless checkout! Finally, when you are done browsing Cartwheel deals, you’ll head over to your cashier or self-checkout (my personal favorite). After scanning all of your items, simply scan the barcode that is provided in your applications ‘wallet’ – this will apply all of your collected deals to your final checkout. Within your wallet, you can even add your REDcard (5% savings on EVERYTHING!). Applying your REDcard within your app allows your whole transaction to be done straight from your phone – no more digging in your purse!

As if Target wasn’t already great enough… this enhanced application made it 100% better! Snag deals, plan your trips in advanced and ultimately save your hard earned money! One last pro-tip for the road, if your Target has a Starbucks Coffee shop, there is usually a discount on a yummy beverage!

Happy shopping!

Featured image via Pexels


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