The 7 Best Puppy Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Do cute, cuddly animals warm your cold heart? Do you go “awww” every time you see a photo of a dog or cat? Would you rather have a pet over a baby? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re already off to a great 2018.

Luckily Instagram allows users who can’t afford their own animals to indulge on other people’s pets. Whether you’re a dog, cat, racoon, or horse person, Instagram has something for you. Personally, I’m a very large pug lover and I think I follow more pugs than I do people (celebrities and actual individuals I’m friends with). These pugs are precious nugget angels who deserve all the little Instagram hearts they can get.

I’m going to break down the five best accounts on Instagram that you need to be following to improve your daily happiness and make 2018 a much better year.

1) @pugridesshotgun

Finley Schmidt a.k.a @pugridesshotgun is the most adorable butterball currently on Instagram. I have been following along his adventures with Ma for years. Ma runs Finley’s Instagram account and there is some very exciting and heartwarming content on there. Finley often will post “grievance” videos but in his adorable accent it’s pronounced “griebance” and they’re as adorable as they sound. Finley also fancies himself to be an avid sharkie hunter (during the summer Ma lets him in the kiddie pool and he hunts toy sharks), bagel aficionado (he makes Ma share her bagels with him) and he’s got the best outfits. His outfits range from onesies that he did not ask for towigs that Ma places on top of his little apple head, his smirk and smushed face will melt your heart. His floof is big as his personality and he’s worth the follow.

2) @pupwithnojob

The only aisle I’m walking down is the freezer aisle. #bachelor4life

A post shared by Theo (@pupwithnojob) on

Theo is a King Charles Cavalier, but most importantly he is the son of Instagram celebrities @girlwithnojob and @boywithnojob. Theo is extremely precious and innocent. He’s an avid Uber passenger, great companion to his mom, and gives great face. Theo most definitely picked up his personality from his over the top parents and to them I say kudos! Theo is currently living his best life and encouraging you all to do the same.

3) @ralphthecorgi

Ralph, and his fur brother George, are two Corgis living in sunny California. Ralph, the OG corgi, and his very handsome brother are floofy, stumpy and filled with energy. Fun fact, they have released their own calendar the past three years, and Ralph has an addiction to adhesive backing strips which are chronicled on his IG stories. Did I mention they’re quite the philanthropists, as proceeds from their calendar are donated to local animal charities? They are also well rounded siblings who care deeply for their two human siblings, Broham and Seester, and get lonely when they’re sleeping. Their loaf like bodies are what dreams are made of and can uplift your mood in a heartbeat.

4) @blanchewaits

For you to go ahead and try to find a better Baby Lamb, #shewaits

A post shared by Blanche Shlesinger (@blanchewaits) on

Blanche Schlesinger is the companion of comedian Iliza Shlesinger. My girl Blanche is very timid and meek, but staring into her eyes you connect on a deeper level. Blanche travels (almost) everywhere with her mother, and may have a following larger than her mother. A lot of her posts are her waiting around for something to happen, i.e. in her lamb costume, is waiting for someone to find a better Baby Lamb. Blanche, a.k.a Tiny Tips, a.k.a Baby Lamb, is the epitome of loving and fills your empty, cold soul with feelings you didn’t realize you were missing.

5) @2pawz

2Pawz is the only cat worth following on Instagram (you can tell I’m a dog lover). The interesting thing about 2Pawz is that he’s the most famous of all of his siblings, and favored the most by his parents, WWE performers Natalya & Tyson Kidd. He has his own merchandise, his resting bitch face is on point, and he knows he’s a badass. He has a take no prisoner type of attitude, but will also be a scrumptious cuddler with his grandparents and numerous visitors to his mansion.

6) @thepugrupert

Rupert is the “snackie bro” of Finley (aka @pugridesshotgun) and he is quite the troublemaker. Rupert is adorable in his various bow ties as he is on the constant hunt for lady friends. Rupert considers himself “pervy” and quite the party animal (literally). He always has the biggest smile on his face while still managing to get up to no good. Rupert serves great face and he’s especially charming on #tot (tongue out Tuesday). When Rupert & Finley get together, they’re adventures are highlighted on his Instagram story for all to see and they will leave you in stitches.

7) @karmathepom

Don’t let the name fool you. Karma is a fluffy three year old male Pomeranian whose life is more extravagant than most humans. He calls Miami home and can be found fashionably dressed. Karma is quite the jetsetter and is well connected. You can spot him hanging out in front of his Bentley, the recipient of numerous gifts and always about the town. Karma enjoys the finer things in life and is a dog one should be envious of.

Dogs (and cats) are mankind’s best friend. If you’re not fortunate enough to bring one into your home, the easiest way to find unconditional love is to follow these seven unique pets. The next time you have a bad day, Finley, Theo, Karma or any other IG pet can cheer you right up.

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