Here’s Why We Should Stop Calling People ‘Basic’

Can we just let girls like what they want?

Our world tends to love stereotypes. And by love, I mean focus on and bash them whenever someone can. Typically, women are at the brunt of this aggression and ridicule, and the number one insult used against them today seems to be the word “basic”. Dubbing a girl as “basic” basically means she’s a perfect match to the stereotype of the perfect girl who’s topped with no personality and incapable of liking anything that isn’t popular. She’s typically got Starbucks in one hand, an iPhone in the other, and she’s clad in her leggings and sorority comfort colors tee on her way to Ulta. Or, so I’ve heard.

By calling someone basic, you’re essentially saying they’re another mindless drone to this world and like things simply because, well, of course, they would. Basic is something we’ve all become experts at spotting. It’s like today’s world is full of people just searching for females with a S’well bottle in their backpacks and Uggs on their feet. Apparently, these girls are pumpkin spice and everything overrated about our society.

Which I think is absolute bull. For the most part, basic is used to describe people, more typically women, who enjoy popular brands, use their social media to boost their confidence and share their thoughts, and just want to live their lives without your scrutiny. So what if in the fall they crave pumpkin spice lattes and don their best flannels and matching Uggs? These girls are comfy, look cute, and have pleasant taste buds. Who cares if they love Starbucks coffee and shopping at Target? These are large name brands. Of course, they have an appreciation for good drinks that are readily available around the country and a retailer that caters to individuals of all ages. All of the things the world bashes on “basics” for are merely fashionable or trendy items and places that deserve their titles.

So yes, I am going to continue walking around in my XL t shirts and Nike shorts, whether you call me a “trash walker” or mock my “college uniform” or not. And no, I’m not going to apologize if my Birkenstock clad feet are taking me to go craft with my friends or drink wine on a Saturday. Neither I nor anyone should have to give up our own comfort or happiness just because you’re “too cool” to let yourself enjoy the things millions have found to be great. Stop making such a big deal out of a word that essentially is telling others they should be ashamed of loving anything that’s considered “mainstream”. While we enjoy our community of basicness, you can go and try to avoid our name brands and well-known habits, all for the sake of foolish pride and negativity.

To all my basic guys and girls out there, I raise my $5 coffee to you. No matter what anyone says to you, go out and do your thing. It’s time we start showing basic bashers that we’re not the ones in the wrong. Their label of us is ridiculous. But it’s okay because they’re the ones missing out.

Feature image via Houston Max on Unsplash



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