What Your Accessories Say About You

As anyone who likes to keep in check with fashion trends will know, accessories say a great deal about a person. Whether you love a bag with great character that sparks many a conversation with a stranger, or you just like to ooze with suaveness and sophistication, your accessories send critical signals to the outside world.


The expensive watch says a considerable amount. As well as saying that you are a high earner, it means that accessories are a big priority for you.

A more modest looking, yet expensive watch says that you have money but that you do not necessarily want to draw attention to the fact.

A smartwatch tells the world that you are intelligent and that you use all of the latest technology. Apps are your best friend, and you are efficient and knowledgeable in the technology domain.

Tie pins

A tie pin reveals that the wearer dresses smartly and likes the practical purposes of using a tie pin. Personalised tie pins show that there is more to the person than a flashy tie pin, there is an emotional story being conveyed with some personalized designs.


A lady’s handbag reveals so much more than their financial status. A bag can be a fashion accessory or an item of great practical use. Is it more important that they can carry a large number of essential things, or do they just want to look the part?

A simple black handbag suggests that the owner prefers to blend in than stand out, or is looking to achieve a professional business style. Bright and colorful bags say that their owner has a loud personality. They are not blenders, they do not follow the crowd, they are setting their own style particularly those who steer clear of the well-known brands.

Those who go to indie shops to find unique styles are creative and stylish without wanting to spend unjustified amounts on what is, after all, just a handbag.


Big, blatantly designer earrings are worn by those who want the world to notice them. They want to pull attention to the fact that they are stylish and have enough money to buy whichever brand of jewelry this could wish for.

Many earring styles can even convey a particular fashion trend in a specific area of the world. From cheap hoop earrings that are trademarks of the less wealthy characters portrayed in UK Soaps to studs that represent a more traditional culture, there are many ways that a choice of earrings can reveal a great deal about the person wearing them.

Men’s leather bracelets

The more modern thinking man may choose to wear a leather bracelet. Instead of being an indicator of having money, like you might get with expensive gold bracelets, the leather bracelet says that the wearer is fashionable, without paying over the odds.

With that being said, your accessories are a piece of your daily life. They explain everything from your personality to your style. Having everyday accessories makes a huge difference in your attitude, on your appearance, and on your emotions. So take this advice and wear whatever you want, accessorize your outfits to who you are and rock the outfit entirely.

Featured Image via Unsplash


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