7 Crazy News Stories You Probably Missed In October

October is a month of strange happenings. As the days pass and we get closer to a spooky day meant to bring happiness through sweets there are many news stories that slip past our feeds. We might be a little wrapped up in costumes and plans but for those who like to be kept updated on all the latest news, have no fear.

1. Madagascar has the Plague: Public gatherings have been banned in Madagascar following the deaths of 20 people from the plague. The World Health Organization is doing its best to help citizens with critical medical supplies and education for the deadly disease. It also states that this current outbreak is spreading faster than it ever has before.

2. Child Terrorists Can be Held Without Charge in Australia: Terror suspects as young as 10 years old can be held for up to 14 days without being charged. This law has since been confirmed by a justice minister. Michael Keenan hopes the law never has to be used but assures people concerned by it that there will be some in place. This law only serves to help law enforcement agents better protect citizens and hopefully stop any future attacks.

3. Justin Trudeau’s Photographer Might be Prince Harry: Canadian Prime Minister and his photographer had fun with a crowd this past September. When Adam Scotti, Justin Trudeau’s personal photographer stepped out, the crowd mistook him for Prince Harry. Trudeau happily partook in the assumption, which gave everyone something to laugh about.

4. Plane Crashed During Andes Flight Memorial: During an event in Uruguay marking the anniversary of the 1972 Andes flight disaster, a Piper J-3 “took off and fell” right outside the memorial gathering. The pilot swam to safety, while the co-pilot is still deemed missing.

5. The Reason Why One Chicken Crosses the Road: An adorable chicken from a local family in New Brunswick Shediac, has an addiction to Tim Hortons. Yes, that’s correct. This sweetheart crosses the road for a snack and double double. It then happily returns home but some do worry about it crossing such a busy road.

6. Thunderstorm Asthma Risk Raised in Australia: After 9 people died in a thunderstorm last November from an asthma outbreak in Melbourne, leaving 8,000 hospitalized, three classification tiers now exist for rain-air quality: low, moderate, high. Authorities in Victoria are encouraging their residents to ‘plan for asthma conditions’ as they raise the current status to moderate. Thunderstorm asthma is the result of rye grass pollen getting wet and breaking into tinier pieces that get trapped in the lungs aggravating especially sensitive individuals..

7. Wrestler Rescues Woman Hanging From Bridge: A British Canadian wrestler by the name of Davey Boy Smith Jr., whose real name is Harry Smith, used his years of training to help bring a woman to safety. The woman threatened to jump and began to slip off the bridge when Harry pulled her to safety and held her until police arrived.

The news is always a wild ride of headlines and this month continues the never ending rollercoaster. From it’s troubling health news to a need for Tim Hortons, the upcoming news in November is sure to be just as interesting. What stories did you not know about this month?

In Collaboration with Cassandra Vella 

Featured Image via Pexels.


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