How You Feel About Going Back To School As Told By Disney GIFs

Whether you are a returning senior or an overly excited freshman, no one is immune to the September bug that has all of us excited to go back to school (even if you don’t want to admit it). The first week back on campus is when that euphoria kicks as you muse over what this year might be like. Unfortunately, by the end of the month that tingly feeling of excitement quickly wears off as essays, midterms, and endless assignments start rolling in. I think a lot of us have made a new school year resolution to study hard and do better. However, the lack of sleep and other priorities makes this decision hard to keep. Find yourself in these GIFs that pretty much summarize the first month back at school for a majority of students.

When you get to see your friends after the summer

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We are going to be best friends for life!

When you see all the new cute guys on campus

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New year, new flings. What would a school year be without some guy drama?

When you have to re-teach yourself how to study

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What do you mean binge watching Netflix and reading my psych textbook does not make for good study habits?

When you follow along to all your professors’ lectures and it all makes sense

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That awesome feeling when it’s early enough in the semester to understand what your professor is saying before it starts boring you to death.

When you actually get your readings done on time and you’re on top of everything

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Are you even a student if you don’t vow to be on top of things at the start of the semester?

When that student funding is released

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I’ll let future me deal with the endless amount of money I owe.

When the lack of sleep is starting to kick in

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I can’t believe that I voluntarily went back to school for this. I want my summer back!

When you get your first assignment back and it’s not what you expected

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What do you mean this is not an A++? You know nothing, professor.

When you get an assignment back and it’s exactly what you expected

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There is nothing like the feeling of acing a test and knowing that you might not actually fail out of college this semester.

When you realize midterms are just around the corner

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It’s still too soon for all of this to be true.

Even if you are not happy about trudging to class again in September make the most of your time while you still can. The school year doesn’t last forever (luckily), and I’m sure we will all miss some parts of it when we are all 9-5 working adults.

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