7 Thoughts Every Office Worker Has In The Summer

The sun is shining and the days are full of hope, but you’re stuck between your chair and desk, staring past your computer screen and out of the window. What goes through your head? Probably the same things as everyone else…

“Tonight I’ll do something that involves being outside, well after I buy groceries, go home and have dinner it probably won’t be sunny anymore, but it would be great.”

“I wonder if it will still be sunny by the weekend? I’ll spend all of my time outdoors enjoying it.”

“I wish I had a job that involves being outside, like, a gardener, or umm there must be more jobs that are outdoors…?”

“It’s really too hot to be in an office, I wonder how hot it has to be before we can all go home?”

“Is it acceptable to break the A/C to see if they send us home?”

“I should get a bike, cycling to work would be great on days like today.”

“Is it lunch time yet?”

And then when home time arrives and you realize you have achieved nothing… That’s what rainy days are for though really, and all that time stuck inside whilst the sun shines is an even bigger reminder to head out and make the most of it when you can!

Featured Image via screengrab of The Office



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