9 Songs To Listen To If You Need To Let Those Emotions Out

Can we all be real for a few minutes? Okay, so I know breakups, divorces, losing friends or loved ones really does suck – pardon my bad word choice because it isn’t very proper but honestly it does suck. We all know the reality of getting over one of those sad incidents usually leads to a night out with a drink in your hand but is that really what people need? In the beginning maybe, but after a while, humans like to talk about the issues, to somewhat relieve the sadness that surrounds them. When you are at this point, one of the best things that can help you is a night in – no, not a go to bed at 7 kind of night, I am talking about a drunken night with your best friends. A drunken night that involves a lot of vodka, tons of popcorn, chocolate, and communication.

That does sound very nice but we cannot forget the last piece of the puzzle; the music. Not everyone listens to music while having conversations but when you are at that stage of trying to let everything out it does help to have that push. Here are a few of my favorite songs to help get those true emotions out on the table, and really look because I bet at least one of these songs will really help you.

Ciao Adios – Anne-Marie (2017) – Hip Hop/Dance/Pop

This lovely song is more directed to a breakup, especially one about a cheating lover. It is upbeat but relatable. This song also provides a lot of self-independence and noticing one’s self-worth. She says “If you’re not giving all your money and time, I’m not gonna sit here wasting all of mine on you, yeah you, Ciao Adios, I’m done.” Can I say GIRL POWER?!

Attention – Charlie Puff (2017) – Pop

This new song is a nice, upbeat song that will allow you to relate after a breakup. Especially when you feel that you cannot get your ex out of your head. It has a nice ring to it and turns out you can actually rock out to it… this one is a real game changer.

Whiskey Lullaby – Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss (2003) – Country

This song is a classic. It involves alcoholics, broken lovers and suicide, so yes it is a deep and sad song but sometimes all you need is a little sadness to allow yourself to give in and let yourself cry about the things that bother you.

Fight Like A Girl – Bombshell ( 2009) – Country

This song is an amazing story that shows a daughter who admires her mother’s words. It plays through her life and how this one saying transforms her into a beautiful, strong women- allowing herself to find happiness within who she is.

“So hold your head high, don’t ever let em define the light in your eyes, Love yourself, give em hell, you can take on this world. You just stand and be strong and then fight like a girl.” Another girl power song, but it has such a beautiful message to those who are struggling within themselves to find the strength to persevere. Believe in yourselves and maybe this song can help with a push.

Hard Love – NEEDTOBREATHE & Andra Day (2017) – Rock/Soul

When you do not know what to do in life and you are stuck in a situation where you can not find happiness… give this song a try. It works for any kind of issue you have and it actually makes you think about the good things in life. You’ll want to add this one to your playlist for sure.

If I Die Young – The Band Perry (2010) – Country

This song has a lot to do with the loss of losing a loved one. It talks about the death of someone who has lived a short life but has had enough time to live. It is a positive outlook on an upsetting situation of losing someone close to you. Give this one a listen if this is what you are struggling with.

Learning – Kane Brown (2016) – Country

Okay. This song just has my heart. It is such a real song, a song everyone can relate to. Either you have had abuse within the past, struggles with growing up or the pain of losing friends. This song talks about letting it go; letting go of the past – the pain of the past. Learning to move on and still be happy with who you are, nothing gets better than letting go- other than this song.

Liability – Lorde (2017) – Pop

This is a sad but nice song, one that you can rock out to but also pour your heart out to. If you are feeling neglected, useless or just overall upset with who you are, listen to his song, it does wonders.

Life Goes On – Fergie (2016) – Pop

“Life goes on with or without you, you could go or you could stay, who cares anyways,” this is the perfect song for growing up and getting over someone. Learning to know that you come before anyone else, you need to make sure you are happy before you make anyone else. Fergie does a regular job when she shows the reality behind doing something good for yourself and learning how to be okay with it. Let’s all be Fergalicious with ourselves and empower one another to do whatever their heart desires.

Take your time and enjoy the beauty of these songs, listen to the words, to the rhythm, and just connect. You’ll be able to relax but also connect the song to your own life or your own thoughts and that is the best feeling out there, trust me on this one.

Featured image via Sofia Alejandra on Pexels


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