If You Blast Your Relationship On Social Media, It’ll Probably Fail

I’m just going to get right down to the point, if you post everything about your relationship online it will probably fail. I know this theory isn’t factual to every single one of you. I’m sure there are some couples out there who love to love and post it all over social media because they are happy. But, I find that most people who are insecure about their relationship post a lot of it online.

I’m going to stop for a second, and explain that I don’t mean posting on social media is bad. If you got engaged, amazing! Share it. If your guy gave you flowers, post that colorful photo! If you two are expecting, share the news! I get these posts; you’re sharing your happiness.

But, back to my point, there does come a moment when you have to stop.

I’m sure you follow that one person on Instagram and you feel like you know everything about their relationship. The girl who literally posts five times a day about her guy. Or, the guy who always posts #womancrushwednesday, why do you think we all care? Show your partner the love they deserve in person, not over the internet. Also, stop sharing your text conversations with your boyfriend online. Shouldn’t that be personal? Why do you want everyone to see it? Yes, you may be #relationshipgoals but you need to grow up. I have someone I follow on Instagram (why do I still follow her?) who posts about her boyfriend ten times a day, and I just don’t understand it. I love the privacy in my relationship. When we fight, we keep it to ourselves. This way, others can’t form an opinion.

I have some advice for you. Save those I-love-you‘s for emotional conversations, and save the sappy block of texts for a love letter.

Save those photos, and videos for each other.

This keeps your relationship private. Why do you feel the need to show the world how you two are doing? How much you love each other? What he or she got you? I don’t think there is a point. However, it’s okay to show off sometimes. If you’re having a fantastic time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, sure, share a photo! But, keep it to a minimum.

The most important thing is to put your phone down. Enjoy the moment you two are in, and stop sharing photos so people can see what you two are doing. Take photos for the two of you, not for your friends to see. You’ll be a lot happier when other people aren’t involved in your relationship.

Featured image via Samson Okeniyi on Pexels


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