6 Things All Millennials Actually Want For Christmas

When the holidays are starting to creep in, my mom always leaves notes (or more recently sends out group texts) to my Dad, brother, and I to get our Christmas lists ready. But she doesn’t accept very “abstract” items. If anyone ever mentions he/she doesn’t want any random items for Christmas, the family laughs and replies, “yeah okay just get your list down so we can tell Santa.” Although these topics never make it to my actual Christmas list, here’s what I REALLY want this Christmas:

1. Please Pay a Bill

Who couldn’t use a little moolah as a gift in the holiday season? Whether Christmas cash is used for other gifts or practical life needs, gifted money never gets wasted. Starting the new year off a little richer after a family holiday get-together would make 2017’s opening warmth and bright for anyone.

2. World Peace

The holiday season is always filled with silver bells, fresh mistletoe, and peace dove icons but this should go a little deeper. Many people grow up with traditional Christmas mornings but peaceful traditions don’t always translate around the globe. It’s not uncommon for Christmas day to be a more peaceful day in societal trending conflicts than those leading up to it, but why can’t that peace continue on into the new year?

3. Less Family Overload

Anxiety is always at an all-time high for angsty young adults who haven’t quite gotten their lives all figured out just yet, but when it comes to huge annual family gatherings some topics are unavoidable; what I’m planning after college, when I’m getting married, when I plan on bringing grandchildren are all some simple examples that I really don’t think I can plan right now, or dwell on over Christmas dinner.

4. Fewer Eyes on Me

Whether I’m sneaking another sugar cookie, or I’m opening a gift the “all eyes on me” phenomenon can be just as awkward as the “what do I do during the birthday song“ moment everyone has at least once in a lifetime.

5. Life Answers

Am I halfway through college? Yes. Do I really know what I want to do as an adult? Absolutely not. Do I have to have a plan yet? Not really. If I could just figure all that information out over the warmth of the fireplace on Christmas Eve, I’m pretty sure my young adult life would be complete.  

6. Good Health

Physical and mental health is very important all year long, but it would be a blessing for anyone to receive a pass at good health in time for the holidays.  

We don’t need all the presents under the tree to be happy. The unspoken Christmas wishes that cross your mind might be deeper than Santa’s list can account for but you can always turn them into new year goals. As fun as any new toy or gadget can be, a simple Christmas morning spent with family and good cheer could be all anyone needs to enjoy a perfect holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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