Why The Compliment Challenge Is The Only Challenge You Should Do

A new trend of “like my status” on Facebook is going around and it’s for a really uplifting cause. #TheComplimentChallenge has been making its way onto our screens and I’ve never been more happy to spam people with this message.

You might have seen this post a few times:
“Since I think we all need a little bit more positivity, let’s do this!

This has been a rough week for a lot of people. Like this status and I’ll tell you something I really like about you. Then repost this on your wall (if you want) so you can spread the love. #TheComplimentChallenge”

The outpouring positivity that’s coming out of this movement is absolutely beautiful to read. Everyone can say that it’s nice to hear something positive about themselves every once in awhile, but the beauty of a challenge like this is that people are genuinely responding to their “likers” and it’s prompting other people to pass on the compliments.

The definition of ‘Compliment’ is an expression of praise, commendation, or admiration.

It’s a proven fact that expressing gratitude or admiration to at least five people a day will help increase your happiness levels, let alone other people’s as well. It also encourages those people to subconsciously do the same because they enjoy that level of happiness.

I loved taking part in this challenge. I’ve always been a huge fan of expressing my feeling towards those closest to me. And to do it to people I would never normally say those things to felt really nice, especially seeing some of their responses like “I never knew you thought that of me” and whatnot.

I too learned a lot of traits about myself that I never knew people thought of me in that way, or even noticed I had. I was told things like: “You were always so stupidly nice to me in our drama class! I was kind of nervous performing… But you helped with that so much and I don’t think you even knew. You’re always so inviting and outgoing that you make everyone around you feel comfortable.” Or, “You strongly express what you believe in while still listening to other people’s thoughts.” Comments like those mean the world to me because they’re not the traditional “You’re really funny comments and I can tell they took the time to remember those things about me.

What this challenge does is it forces us to focus on the good things about our peers and learn about ourselves. We’re helping to boost confidence levels, increase self-esteem, create an open discussion about feelings, showing appreciation towards others and passing on positivity.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to hear what someone else thinks of you and to have the ability to create that happiness within someone else as well.

We all remember the spam emails from MSN that read “if you don’t share to 15 people you will…” but this is one spam I will never get tired of seeing because positivity and love should be shared more often. So go to your Facebook right now, start typing, and enjoy the overwhelming sensation of love being thrown your way as you send it to others.

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