6 Essential Pairs Of Shoes Every Girl Should Own

Shoes: Something you probably don’t picture as a necessity but wouldn’t leave the house without. Whether you’re a shopaholic shoe-lover or you just simply like your shoes to match your outfit, there are certain shoes that every woman must own. Shoes can either make or break an outfit and whether you want to be fancy or casual, there are a few styles that you can never go wrong with. Here are 6 essential pairs of shoes that every girl must have in her closet:

Sexy Black Pumps


Every girl needs a pair of simple, yet stylish heels. The best thing about black pumps is that they can be dressed up or dressed down to fit just about any occasion. Whether you’re attending a classy Sunday brunch or hitting the town for a booze-filled girl’s night out, black pumps can be paired with just about any outfit.

Sporty Sneakers


Being that I am a tomboy at heart, I am a firm believer that sneakers can be worn with absolutely anything! Whether you prefer Converse, Nike, Adidas, or New Balance, investing in a quality pair of tennis shoes is a must. The better the quality, the longer they’ll last, meaning you’ll have plenty of outfits for years to come. Pro tip: go for both comfort and style.

Versatile Sandals


The key to comfortable summer style is a pair of sandals that you can pair with everything, from your favorite romper to your cutest sun dress. Whether you go for a stylish pair of Birkenstocks, an outdoorsy pair of Chacos, or a strappy pair of gladiators, the right pair of sandals can be both casual and elegant.



Face it, sometimes you want to wear a cute pair of heels but you don’t want to deal with stumbling around in pain all day. The solution: a fashionable pair of wedges. Not only are these shoes a summery, more casual form of heels, they come in countless different styles. The popular women’s apparel website GoJane has hundreds of styles to choose from that range from platform, strappy, denim, suede, leather, booties, or even jelly wedges!

Knee-High Boots


I don’t care who you are, owning a pair of knee-high boots is essential to getting through the chilly autumn and winter months. Whether you choose something flat or with a heel, this classic pair of footwear will keep you warm while allowing you to strut in style.

The Everyday Shoe

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Keeping a comfortable pair of shoes by your front door to throw on when you’re running behind is always a good idea. Whether you go for a classic pair of Keds or a functional pair of Toms, go for something that is a solid color and pairs well with just about everything in your closet.

Do you have all 6 of these essentials? If not, I suggest you get shopping! The right pair of shoes can make all the difference!

“Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world.”

– Marilyn Monroe

Featured image via Alexandra Maria on Pexels



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