Why You And Everyone Else Needs To Stop Trying To Make ‘BAE’ Happen

WARNING: This post contains an abundance of pent-up sass.

About 2 or 3 years ago, our generation came up with a new word. It can be used as a replacement for someone’s name, make a reference to someone’s hotness level, or it could even take the place of a relationship title. This word is meant to show endearment and adoration for a person they like or love. It was an acronym turned word meaning “before anyone else.” Yes, the word I am talking about is “BAE” and I am here to tell you that it is not cute at all but is, in fact, the DUMBEST word in the English language.

Let me give you a few examples of how this word is used, for those of you living under a rock:

1. Bae is so sexy when he/she wears that.
2. Ryan Reynolds is the definition of bae.
3. When bae brings you soup because you’re sick… relationship goals!
4. Pizza is the real bae.

I knew a person who used it in an interview and they were completely perplexed when they didn’t get the job. Go figure! I knew of another person who said BAE in their wedding vows. Yes, seriously. Needless to say, the ceremony did not end well. 

Besides the fate of your relationships or job status, here are some other reasons why you SHOULD NOT say BAE ever again:

It’s tacky – Sorry to say this, but you don’t sound like the smartest person around when you say it. It just sounds like you are trying too hard to be cool. BAE had its moment, but it is no longer cool. 

giphy tacky

It’s obnoxious – I cannot tell you how many times I’ve walked away from someone because they could not stop saying BAE. It’s like nails on a chalkboard at this point. A majority of the population will tune out if you continuously drop BAE into the conversation. It’s like a bomb that will obliterate your friendships. Quit it!

gif Annoyed

It’s not endearing – If anyone I had a crush on or was dating ever called me BAE, that would be grounds for termination of our relationship. There is no reason to call me BAE. I have a name, I’d like you to use it. If you’re going to give me a pet name, please choose something that doesn’t sound like the noise someone makes when they vomit. Don’t even call your cat BAE. Just, please don’t.

gif ummm no

It’s not cute – A lot of people think they are being adorable when they say it to their significant other or in reference to a hot celebrity. In reality, you just sound lame. If you find someone to be attractive why not (I’m really making a stretch here) tell them that they are attractive? Calling someone BAE is like cat-calling them at a close range. It, for some strange reason, feels like a violation of space. It also sounds like an abrasive noise animals make when they’re in heat. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

gif cute

It’s not a real word – There is a book full of other words you could use to describe someone attractive. It’s this little book called the dictionary. Who came up with this word? Why did they think this was a good idea? There are so many beautiful words in the English language and when put together, they are meant to articulate feelings and ideas. William Shakespeare has, I’m sure, rolled over in his grave many times at the sound of the next generation masterful use of the English language.

gif shakespeare

In conclusion, if you haven’t come to it on your own, this “word” needs to be buried before the children of millennials use it in their applications to get into college or even in marriage proposals. “Will you be my bae forever?” ABSOLUTELY NOT!

This has been a PSA from one millennial to another. I’m simply doing my part to change the world. You’re welcome.

Featured image via Анна Хазова on Pexels


  1. Your exposure of this matter is great. I agree 100%. Now if you could expose the stupedity of wearing your pants below your butt crack, that would also be great.

    K. Munch


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