Happy Holidaze: 10 People Reveal Their Most Ridiculous High Moments

April 20th – the one day where basically everyone & anyone smokes up to celebrate ‘National Weed Day’! How this day come about is still a mystery to me but why argue with it? Thousands of people gather together today to celebrate and smoke up. Rallies are even planned in different cities where people get together in a park and just spend the day away enjoying it. While some may only smoke up on 4/20, some may not do drugs at all, and others celebrate this day all year-long. Most of us have been at the point where we don’t know how it happened but that last hit just made you lit AF. Below are stories of when ten people smoked up and then…things just happened:

  1. School Can Wait, Brownies Must Be Eaten
    When we were 19, me and friends decided to make weed brownies (with zero experience) and cooked them with way too much weed (surprise, surprise). After baking, we also were enjoying the brownies so much and didn’t realize that it does in fact take about an hour and a bit to kick in. By the time it was too late, we all were feeling a some kind of high we never had felt before. Long story short, 3 girls greened out and spent their night beside a toilet. One of us landed on the floor with a bang after thinking the door frame was her bed and the other 2 of us were high for a total of about 30 hours. It was the first day of classes the next day and let me tell you, I stayed in bed.
  2. Food And Sex Is All You Need
    I once ate only orange foods for an entire night. Another time, I convinced my mom to make me tacos while stoned and they were amazing. I’m 100% positive that she knew. Lastly, I once fell asleep while having sex stoned.
  3. Cardio Is Always A Must
    I got super high on edibles and then climbed the Manitou Incline in Colorado which is a mountain that you climb using stairs and then eventually it’s like straight up on a ladder. Best/worst decision I’ve ever made.
  4. Healthy Eating Never Stops
    My first time smoking weed, I ate this unbelievably unripe pear after, and no word of a lie…it was the best tasting thing I think I’ve ever had in my entire life. My brother was killing himself laughing as I crunched on this hard as a rock pear but seriously…to this day I still salivate thinking about how delicious it was. #noshame
  5. At Least You Didn’t Throw Up In His Room?
    Freshman year of college I smoked pot naked on a guy’s bed and I absolutely could NOT clear the bong…I took a rip, ran out of his room and into his house (where his roommates were) and threw up.
  6. #CoupleGoals Adventures
    I got way too high with my boyfriend, and was convinced that if I fell asleep, he’d die so I didn’t even blink because I didn’t want to risk it. Another time, my boyfriend and I were adventuring my college campus and we sat down on a bench and pretended to be mannequins for like 10 mins straight while people walked by.
  7. That’s One Way To Do A Tea Detox
    My one friend had made tea out of weed knowing that his friend was an avid tea drinker and invited her over one day and so she drank so much tea that she was so high that she spent the evening talking to nachos.
  8. Cookie Monster Loves Marijuana
    I never smoke because smoke gives me bad migraines but my sisters friends brought over weed cookies one night when I was still in high school. We had a bonfire & I decided I was safe with all them at my dad’s house so I could try it out. Had one, nothing happened. Had another, still nothing. So, then I kept eating them because who doesn’t eat cookies if they’re around? I also had a few drinks. I don’t remember much but a friend said I started to dance in circles around the fire then went to pee in the woods but walked into a branch. I woke up with a black eye.
  9. What Happens In Amsterdam Stays In Amsterdam
    When I was in Amsterdam, I was so high that I accidentally fell into a transvestites’ booth in the Red Light District.
  10. Fun Fact – Citruses Cure Red Eyes
    My friends and I were super high this one time and my one friend got a phone call from his mom demanding he came home soon. We googled ‘How to get rid of looking high’ and came up with the solution that we had to go to the supermarket before to buy citrus fruits because it said that was the cure. My friend goes in and walks out with about ten oranges and proceeded to eat all of them in front of us. Afterwards, he went back and bought a lemon. I asked him how much everything was as we’re walking away…and that’s when he realized he didn’t pay for any of the oranges and only paid for the ONE lemon the second time. Another time, I was so high that I decided that my friends and I HAD to walk to the park which was about a twenty-minute walk at around one in the morning so I could swing on the swings.

If these ten stories have taught you anything, please note that apparently the best way to get high is to just eat weed anything. As a side note, just remember that simply because it is 4/20 – it does not mean you have a pass to smoke up at your local park with no ramifications if marijuana is still not legal in your state. I’m sure that every food delivery place is excited to get the phone call for munchies. To all my 4/20 lovers, enjoy celebrating today!

Featured image via DESIGNECOLOGIST on Unsplash


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