Avicii Probably Regrets Giving Out His Number After Getting These Texts

Avicii announced his retirement on March 28th, 2016 with an emotional letter to his fans on his website. He thanked everyone who helped him throughout his career, and his fans who “made his dreams come true”. While Avicii announced that 2016 run would be his last tour, he also said that this would not be the end of his music career. He signed off his letter saying “One part of me can never say never, I could be back …but I won’t be right back”. If you looked closely at the bottom of the letter, Avicii wrote a little P.S note for his fans:

P.S. I’ve got a new phone so you can text me re all this +46769436383. Please bare with me I might not be super quick to reply. X

The Unwritten Trending team was curious to see if he would reply to our texts. A couple of our girls and their friends took different approaches in texting him … and no one got a response (yet – we’ll keep you posted). I’m sure thousands were texting him all day which makes me feel like he probably regrets giving his number out in the first place. Either way, it’s common courtesy to reply to text messages. We’re unimpressed, Tim. Below are the best attempts from nine fans who tried to win his heart:

  1. All I Want Is A Date
    So… that’s a no? Being ghosted before it even begins.
  2. Tortellini Needs A Friend.
    How cool would it be to say Avicii named my dog?
  3. YAS BRO.
    How can you not congratulate this achievement?
  4. All He Wants Is Friendship
    Why can’t we be friends?
  5. Tell Me Your Secret To Early Retirement.
    These are the questions that must be answered.
  6. Did You? Is This All A Publicity Stunt?
    Are you going to be the 50 year old creep who hangs around the college bar scene and thinks he’s still cool?
  7. Are You?
    Tell me of your future plans after retirement! Is it golf? investing? relaxing? Tell us!
  8. So Wake Me Up When It’s All Over
    How does one not reply to being broken up with via text?
  9. Lastly … Shoutout To @ReadUnwritten
    We’re all about building our brand to be bigger over at Unwritten.


Look… we get it. You just retired, a lot of people are saying congratulations and asking you what’s next. All we ask is for a response to a text, just one will suffice. It’s heartbreaking to get ghosted by someone before a conversation even started. We wish you luck in whatever you do next and hope you return to the music scene sooner rather than later.

Featured image via Avicii


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