Still No Dislike: 10 Reactions Facebook Is Missing In Their Update

Facebook just revealed five more reactions you can click to show your emotions for a post. You are now able to express different emotions such as love, laughter, surprise, sadness, and anger. It’s great and all but where’s my dislike button? Facebook needs to catch up to Apple’s updates, and add in more reactions as soon as possible. For the next round of updates, can we include the following ten reactions?

  1. No One Gives a F”ck
    This one is special for all those political posts floating around Facebook.
  2. Drinking Heavily
    For when you either need to cheers someone for their post or their post makes you literally need to take a drink.
  3. Rolling Eyes
    Perfect for when you “literally cannot” deal.
  4. Kim Kardashian Crying Face
    Some posts are just so cringeworthy that you need to cry like Kim K.
  5. #Blessed
    When the post is everything you need.
  6. WTF?
    When you’re so confused about the post, or can’t believe that they actually posted something like that.
    The post completes you and you just get them.
  8. Where’s my invite?
    When all your friends take a group photo or everyone is tagged in a post… except for you.
  9. K.
    No explanation needed.
  10. Dislike
    You can distract me with these other reactions Facebook but I still want a dislike button.

Since it’s the first update to Facebook reactions, I’ll let this slide but Mark Zuckerberg – I’m looking at you to update this reactions list more.

Featured Image Via Facebook


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