Justin Bieber Leaked A New Song And You’ll Be Instantly Obsessed

Let’s get real. Justin Bieber released Purpose and we’ve listened to it once or twice, and by once or twice we mean maybe a couple of hundred times, but WHO IS COUNTING REALLY? We’re still obsessed and we’re not even feeling like there is an ounce of Sorry to give.

Having listened to his album more times than we care to admit, there is not doubt that we were all starting to wish that Bieber could just give us just a little something more. THANKFULLY he leaked a song on his Vevo account called I’ll Be There and we are 1000% OBSESSED. How could we not be when he uses these lyrics:

“I’ll be there for you/Even though I’m gone/Holding you close baby/Close to my heart.”

The track starts with some sultry R&B laced vocals and feelings. The middle turns into a dance party, and the track rounds off with a little rap piece. Justin, I sincerely hope you will hold me close to your heart, because you’ve already captured mine!


  1. He sounds terrible, like a little boy. I usually really like his voice. NOT for this song at all. 🙁

    Disappointed Justin!

  2. I this song sounds like you just put stuff in a song but still I love it its a good song justin keep it up I been a fan for 8 years and i was 6 years old and I’ll always be a Justin fan lol and I love you Justin


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