15 Times Andy Dwyer Was The Epitome Of College Life

At some point while binge-watching Parks and Rec in my apartment and eating away my troubles, I realized that Andy Dwyer is not unlike us: always confused, hungry, and bored. He accurately represents the way college students feel 100% of the time at school, and I am 100% okay with this.

Here are 15 things we do in college that shows us we’re just like Andy Dwyer:

1. When you’re drunk but your friend isn’t and they’re not having it.

2. When your dorm/apartment bathroom runs out of toilet paper and you’re broke so you steal some from the public bathroom (desperate times call for desperate measures). 

3. When your professor says something you understand and you’re actually interested. 

4. When you don’t feel like doing the group work so you just go along with what your group is suggesting. 

5. When you think you bombed a test but you end up getting a good grade. 

6. Avoiding all interactions that require you to ditch the pajama pants and disheveled hobo look in favor of a business casual outfit. 

7. When you’re so turnt at the bar that coherence is no longer an option and you start speaking gibberish. 

8. When your friend is sad and you’re trying (and failing) at giving them an inspirational life talk

9. When you’re drunk and your friend walks you home and tucks you in. 

10. When you’re so drunk that you start revealing all of your secrets to someone. 

11. When you present a group project. 

12. When you go into finals thinking you’re prepared. 

13. Any time the professor says anything at all. 

14. When you have a mid-semester/end of semester break down

15. And last but not least…

It’s comforting to know that we’re not the only adults walking around having no idea what we’re doing. In fact, I’m completely okay with my lazy college-lifestyle, messed up sleeping schedule, and all day disheveled hobo look. Parks and Recreation’s beloved teddy bear Andy Dwyer is the embodiment of each one of us in college, and I couldn’t possibly think of anyone to better represent Generation-Y.

Featured Image via screengrab from Parks and Recreation.



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