How To Keep The Party Lit With A Debbie Downer In Your Squad

You have found the perfect outfit to match your new killer shoes. Your lipstick is perfectly matted, your contour game is strong, and your eyebrows are on fleek. You have just met up with your squad for pizza and beverages of all sorts, and it is now time to plot out your night out on the town with the girls. But, just as you are diving into your first slice of greasy goodness, Debbie walks in and heads to your table. We all have a friend named Debbie, Debbie Downer to be precise.   ddownerShe sits down in her usual doom and gloom state and immediately dumps heavy, unnecessary sad news on your entire fam that no one wants to think about on their Friday night. And as quickly as Debbie came over to share the news that her cat Franz Ferdinand was struck by a car and died she disappears to spread her sad news to another table.  

You look around at your friends – everyone is avoiding eye contact, nervously playing with previously untouched utensils, or playing with the cheese that had fallen off their pizza slices. The vibe has officially been killed. How do you bounce back from such negative news?

  1. Take a moment to let the situation sink in, but no more than a moment. It’s okay to be sad about poor Franz, but there is no need to dwell on a situation you cannot change. So, take the thought and let it go with a deep breath out.
  2. Now, it’s time to remind yourself why you should be happy. Remember, you are out with your friends, enjoying delicious pizza, and you should be thankful for this moment. Be happy that everything fell together perfectly tonight for you and your friends to enjoy each other’s company.  
  3. Share your happiness with others. Brighten the mood by telling a funny story, or positive memory you had with the person you are with. Tell them how much that meant to you, and how much your relationship with them means to you. This may sound cheesy, but the best compliment is a genuine one. Come from an honest and authentic place, you don’t have to dramatize an experience – just be real. Sharing your feelings will leave both you and your friend happy to be together and remember why this Friday night is so fabulous.  
  4. Make a plan and quickly take action. It’s time to leave the scene of the incident. Choose the move for the night and roll with it. Go meet up with another posse, see if there are any local bands or musical performances nearby, or go out and dance with your gal pals! Give the night a pulse with an exciting adventure for the squad.
  5. Finally, lighten up by letting loose! Crack jokes that are so bad they become funny. Lip sing or really sing (but please only if you can keep a tune), and dance like a fool. Make your friends join you in the embarrassment because remember – YOLO!!!!!

But really, life is too short to let someone ruin your day, and especially your weekend. You can acknowledge a negative situation without dwelling on it the rest of your night. Instead, lead your pack into a more positive and entertaining direction.

Featured Image via SNL Screen Grab.


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