3 Ways To Get Away With Wearing PJs To Work Without Your Boss Noticing

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When in the office, we often find ourselves restricted to wearing ties, blazers, pantsuits, and pencil skirts, dreaming of working in a laid-back work environment where T-shirts and shorts are seen as acceptable attire. Although many associate the formal dress code with productivity and professionalism, some of us work better when we’re all snuggled up in a fluffy bathrobe, which is why we look forward to occasions like Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day and Casual Fridays.

As a peculiar as it sounds, lazy wear is nothing new in the corporate world. According to the online style guide Lyst, “Pajama dressing became a thing in 2009 thanks to Dolce & Gabbana, and really took off once Céline got on board,” continuing to inspire designers to this day. Thus, anyone bound by the limitations of office attire will be happy to know that there are range of clothing in stores that can easily transition from the bedroom to your 9-to-5, while still maintaining the expected level of appropriateness in the workplace.

Silk Pants

A subtler way of incorporating comfy items into your work attire is by wearing silk pants. Vogue.com market editor Chelsea Zalopany explains that the easiest way of doing so is by dressing it up with a fancy heel. A pair of ‘60s-esque shoes or kitten heels with an elegant silk cropped pajama pants should do the trick.

Robe Coat

Although a bathrobe is definitely out of the question, tons of brands have their own version of a wrap coat that are perfect for this Fall/Winter season. Check out Elle for robe-inspired outerwear that will keep up cozy and looking polished as you brave the chilly temperatures on your way to work. Who knew that a robe could be so fashion forward?

Slip Dress

This year’s fashion shows took us on a journey through the decades, from the earthy tones of the ‘70s to the slip dresses of the ‘90s. What was usually worn at home or underneath another garment is now the star of your wardrobe. Styles Weekly demonstrates that the slip is versatile and can be dressed up for any event, but a blazer or kimono might be best for office hours.

The whole flannel get-up might still be considered as a no-no for the office, but as you can see, there are plenty of ways to sneak in home and bedroom wear into your 9-5 wardrobe. Though there are some that feel that they’re inappropriate in the workplace, pajamas in the office could be what we need to relax from all that stress we get on a daily basis.

Featured image via Any Lane on Pexels


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