6 Challenges of Being A Picky Eater

It’s a Saturday night and I’m visiting my best friend and her family. My best friend and I are in the kitchen spilling the latest celebrity gossip and talking about that epic party last weekend.

Her mom comes in and says “So I’m thinking either sushi for dinner or I could make shrimp.” Then she realizes she forgot that I hate any food out of the ordinary. She then says the inevitable “I guess I will just make you macaroni & cheese, your favorite is the Kraft Kind right?”

To all my picky eaters out there, I feel your pain. Chicken fingers will always beat the finest filet mignon, despite what others think. We experience struggles like no other.

  1.  Your friends’ parents think you’re difficult for not eating anything they make.

We all have that one friend whose family makes the most complicated dishes. They love you, but they dread when you stay for dinner because they have to make you a whole separate meal, which usually comes out of a box, and degrades their master chef status.

  1. Eating at a nice restaurant is almost impossible.

Every meal is either too extravagant or you know you won’t eat the whole thing. You would so much rather order your go to meal — chicken fingers and fries — and be on your way. But the only chicken they have is one that has been garnished with something you can’t even pronounce.

  1. The waiters always hate you because your order is so complicated.

You would think your order would be the simplest, right? I just want a cheeseburger… But without the lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, onions, and mustard. Even when you order steak, the waiter expects you to want steak sauce that is placed on the table. No thanks – and can you bring the ketchup back, please?

  1. Going on a date to a restaurant is a totally rational fear.

The cute guy from lecture that you’ve been crushing on finally asks to take you out to a nice dinner. Instantly, you are running through a list of things that could go wrong: What can I even order on the menu? Will he think that I eat like a child? Then, you feel bad that he is paying $20 for you to eat chicken tenders.

  1. You have to buy different dinners from your roommates because they actually like normal people food.

You expect to split the cost of the groceries every week. Until your roommate decided she wants shrimp, tofu, and Chinese food all in one week. Count me out. I will settle for a cheese pizza that I can make in the microwave.

  1. Your salads consist of lettuce, cheese, and maybe grilled chicken.

Eating healthy is basically a joke because even when you eat a salad, you are getting absolutely no nutrients. Twenty minutes after you eat, you will need something again with more substance, so eating a salad is a complete waste. But if it makes you feel good, then you do you.

The positive side to being a picky eater though, which none of your other friends understand, is that you can still order off the kids’ menu. Food you love at half the price, yes please. So, who is the real winner here?

Featured image via Jonathan Borba on Pexels



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