Don’t Make Your Mistakes Permanent: 5 Tattoo Types To Avoid

Tattoos are a personal thing. From marking moments in time to telling incredible stories, such a small amount of ink has the possibility to represent amazing things; that is, until the ink gets into the wrong hands.

We all know that girl from our hometown… You know the one that got the Chinese symbol for whatever clichéd reason that sounded good at the time permanently tattooed on her hip. And who could forget the guy that gets his fraternities Greek symbols on his ass. Save yourself the horror of having to explain your grandchildren the pointless “imperfection is beauty” quote on your ribs, and listen up. These are the five tattoos you should NEVER get sober.

Oh, the irony


If you ‘refuse to sink,’ please avoid getting an anchor permanently next to that phrase. Ironic quotes are one of the worst types of tattoos that you can possibly get, but for some reason people keep deciding to pair images and quotes that don’t make any sense. From the unrelated feather next to the Italian word for love to the Sparrow next to the word live, you’re going to seriously regret this tattoo after having to explain it to everyone you meet.

You sponsored, bro?

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 9.50.06 PM

I don’t know who started the trend of getting logos tattooed on their bodies, but it seriously needs to stop. That Nike swoosh across your calf looks stupid. The point of getting a tattoo is supposed to be something personal, and you have the least personal thing on you forever. Congrats.

That’s my name; don’t wear it out


From the least personal tattoo to the too personal, names do not make good tattoos. The people that get their name tattooed on them either A) have bigger egos than anyone else in the world or B) don’t know what else to get but really want a tattoo. Try wearing a nametag everyday, not walking around with your name permanently tattooed on your bicep.

The born again Christian


For some reason every re-virginized sorority girl in town feels the need to tattoo a cross on their ankle during their college years. Don’t get me wrong, there are people that truly want to put their religion in ink, but some of the last people that you would expect to be religious all of a sudden show up with a cross or biblical verse somewhere on their body. Before getting this tattoo I highly suggest asking yourself when your last church visit was.

Lions and tiger and bears, oh my!

Screen shot 2014-06-17 at 9.55.57 PM

The animal tattoos just have to go. You do not need that cute bear on the back of your neck or the cuddly cat on your wrist. No matter how much you love that animal right now or how symbolic you think it is, go get a screen printed t-shirt of it instead. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having to explain to people over and over again that you just really like koalas. So to all you animal lovers out there, go adopt; it’s cheaper than ink.

Remember that while you are young, wild and free now, someday you will be old, tamed and unwilling to keep explaining your tattoo. Think hard about why you’re getting your next tattoo, and remember to always spell check before you hit the chair.


Featured image via L.A. Ink


  1. People who ask what a person’s tattoo means are rude and nosy. It’s nobody else’s business what your tattoo means. If you like it, then get it. You should be the only one who has ownership over your body.

  2. Why not animals of it has a personal meaning? I was planning on getting a simplistic tattoo of a cat in memory of one of my cat who is sadly deceased and died because of health issues.


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