Growing up, Moving On: Why BFF Break-ups Suck

We’re all getting to the point where we’re growing up, discovering ourselves and moving on from the place that we used to call home. We’re stuck in a weird college limbo between not being able to call our prior hometown ‘home’ and not knowing where our future home will be.

Then there’s the best friend. The one who’s holding your hair back after a long night of shenanigans. The one who brings sappy movies and your favorite ice cream to your house after your recent break-up. The one who you get separation anxiety from when you haven’t seen each other in a day and a half.

But as time goes on, school gets harder, distance grows longer and stress seems to take over our lives. It’s inevitable that some friendships will eventually get lost in the process of building a future, but starting to lose a hometown best friend is where growing up hits you like big yellow school bus.

Step one of the best friend break-up is realizing that you haven’t talked in a while. Now, ladies and gentleman, this is the step where you catch it while you can. No more excuses of being busy or getting around to it –drop the phone and send the darn text! Yes, we’re all busy, but with each step it gets harder and harder to rekindle all the BFFness that has been for ten plus years.

Odds are that neither one of you will remember if you stopped texting each other for a specific reason, and neither of you wants to be the one to look stupid. This is when you start to stalk your best friend like she’s your cheating ex-boyfriend’s new slutty girlfriend. You become paranoid that every Facebook and Twitter post is about you and become jealous of every photo she takes with her #roomie.

Eventually the whole not texting thing will lead to pent up frustration that eventually gets let out in a huge vent session via text. This will lead to not only awkwardness for the next time you see each other but confusion about what you were even fighting about in the first place. Depending how stubborn the two of you are, this could actually lead to a full on BFF break-up, and no one wants that.

The BFF being gone makes for the worst scenario possible. Not only do you lose one of the three people you actually like to see when you’re home, but eventually your whole world starts to change. You realize that even though your college roommates and freshman year friends are great, no one quite gets you like your hometown best friend.

Your new life in college is the perfect time to start over, to have a clean slate and to make your life exactly how you want it. But no matter where you go in life, your hometown best friend will always be there to remind you of where you came from and how far you’ve come in life.

If you see yourself starting to slip into step one of the BFF break-up, take my advice and text her while you can. You can always make new friends but you can’t make stupid, hilarious memories that you have with your hometown best friend.

Featured image via RODNAE Production on Pexels


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