Stop The Cycle: Good Things No Longer Come To Those Who Cheat

Girls are actually amazing majestic creatures, especially the ones I know. They’re gorgeous, extremely intelligent, driven, down to earth, trendy and confident. Why a guy would ever even think to cheat on one of these girls – let alone actually do it – is beyond me. I’ve seen some of the most wonderful girls get their hearts broken by cheaters. And by hearts broken I mean crying for weeks straight, scream-yelling at the top of her lungs on the phone, burning the guy’s sweatshirt (okay, maybe that was just that one girl) and utterly falling apart. All it takes is one bottle of Moscato (and maybe a few tequila shots) and the drunk tears start flowing over how devastated they are. They’ll curse the boy’s name and be so emotionally hurt, but then what do girls do? They take the cheating guy back.

This just baffles me. Ladies, what is going on? Taking back a cheater sends a message to all guys that we, as women, are okay with being treated like complete crap; that it’s okay to completely disrespect us and the relationship. And let me tell you, we are not okay with boys treating us like we’re objects who don’t matter. These kick-ass girls who are being cheated on should not make it seem that they’re okay with getting disrespected. They should not have to put up with crappy guys who don’t realize what amazing girls they have.

These guys are then conditioned to believe that they can have the best of both worlds -the stable girlfriend and the random hookups. They’re taught to believe that cheating isn’t a big deal because we’ll still date them even if they are not faithful. And it’s girls’ fault that guys think this way because we’re the ones accepting them right back into our lives without any question. We can’t keep teaching guys that anything good can come from cheating on a girlfriend. And we can’t keep going for the asshole ‘bad guys’ who are the ones who cheat no matter what.

I will give credit to some of these cheating guys, though. On occasion, they realize how majorly they messed up and do a complete 180, changing into the opposite of a cheating asshole. And this is where the lesson can be learned. Girls are not going to put up with your crap, guys. If we take you back after you cheat on us, you better be prepared to worship the ground we walk on. Period.

To those women who have been cheated on and gotten rid of that guy as fast as possible, thank you for ending the cycle of rewarding douchebags. To those women who have been cheated on and used it as an opportunity to fix your guy, also thank you for teaching your man a lesson. And to those women who have been cheated on and took the guy back right away, let me tell you something: you are all amazing human beings who deserve the world and more. We have the power to stop the cycle.

Featured image by Harsh Agrawal via Flickr


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