Why Andrew McMahon Should Be Your Next Music Obsession

If you haven’t heard of Andrew McMahon yet, your life has been limited and lacking all joy. That might sound a little far-fetched and ridiculous, but once you hear his beautiful sweet tunes, you will understand. It will also make you want to learn the piano immediately.

Andrew McMahon has been on the music scene for years. He started out in the early 2000s in a punk rock band Something Corporate; most known for their catchy tunes such as “I Woke Up In A Car” and “Punk Rock Princess”. They also had constructed a beautiful piece called “Konstantine”; a beautiful nine-minute piano rock ballad that is a rare song for him to perform currently. The band had been together for about seven years when they had decided to take a break and that was when Andrew’s second band was formed – Jack’s Mannequin.

Jack’s Mannequin – Is best known for their songs “The Mixed Tape” and “Dark Blue”, Jack’s Mannequin had a similar musical vibe but was less punk and more piano rock. The day that Jack’s Mannequin had finished their first album, Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia. Their first album had an odd amount of foreshadowing to his diagnosis, with lyrics such as “She thinks I’m much too thin, she asks me if I’m sick. What’s a girl to do with friends like this?” After this diagnosis, Andrew filmed the documentary called Dear Jack; giving an inside look into his battle with the disease. With a stem cell transplant from his sister and an extensive treatment plan, Andrew was able to fight the disease and was inspired to continue on with his music.

For several years, Andrew continued his work with Jack’s Mannequin, blessing us with many amazing songs. The one that stands out the most after his battle with leukemia is “Swim”. It is not only about his battle with the disease; it is also for everyone out there that is struggling with life in general. “You have got to swim. Swim for your life. Swim for the music that will save you when you are no longer sure you will survive.” Not only are his lyrics beautifully crafted with the piano behind it, they are a savior to a lot of his fans, including myself.

Jack’s Mannequin ended their run in 2012, but that didn’t stop Andrew from going out on his own. He continues to amaze his fans every time he releases new music. With his latest release of Zombies on Broadway, Andrew demonstrates not only that he can stand the test of time, that he can evolve with it. His latest single, “Fire Escape” is one of those songs that you can’t help but dance to. It is an earworm that you will definitely be stuck in your head for days… In a good way!

As if almost twenty years on the music scene is not enough, Andrew was nominated for an Emmy in 2013 for one of his songs on the Smash soundtrack, “I Heard Your Voice In A Dream”, as well as opening for Billy Joel on some select dates this summer. He is also headlining his own tour with the opening acts Night Riots and Atlas Genius this summer, so be sure to check them out in your city! He is definitely an act you don’t want to miss!

Featured image via Andrew McMahon



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