Want To Ditch Your Purse? Try These 7 Bags Instead

Purses: they’re everywhere. We see them in high school, university, and the office, as seemingly everyone nowadays has them. They’re convenient, comfortable, stylish, and roomy. But they may not be the best carry-on bag in terms of portability. Having one shoulder occupied but the other free can create some imbalance. Plus, what if you want to switch it up a bit? 

Well, if you’re getting tired of using a purse, here are seven other bags to try:

1. Fanny packs  

Originally trending in the 80s, the fanny packs are now making a comeback. They used to be worn around the hip, but there are plenty of new variations now. Some can be worn across the body, on the side, or even on your back. They’re chic, convenient, and comfortable. So, if you’re not carrying huge or heavy items, opt for the fanny pack. 

2. Tote bags 

You can spot these bags everywhere, from the local grocery store to a designer, luxury brand. They’re roomy and made of breathable materials. This also makes them cost-efficient, so you won’t need to sacrifice your wallet. 

3. Small pouches 

Less is more. And if this is the case, you can purchase one of these small pouches. They’re adorable, easy to carry, and can hold many items. Plus, they can pretty much go with any outfit. 

4. Shoulder bags 

If you carry larger and heavier items, opt for these durable shoulder bags. You can wear them the same way you wear a purse, but they’re much more suited for school, work, or travel. And they can hold many more items. 

5. Toiletry bags

Otherwise known as “cosmetic bags,” these pouches are roomy and durable. So, if you have any small containers or snacks you have to carry, opt for the toiletry bags. Fortunately, many of these bags also have a small handle, which you can hold. So they won’t get lost. 

6. Mini duffel bags 

Although most of us purchase duffel bags for the gym, we can also use them in different ways. They’re roomy and often durable, which means that we can carry multiple items. If you have to make a grocery trip right after school, having one of these bags will do wonders. 

7. Small backpacks 

These are one of my go-to bags by far. They’re not only stylish but very versatile. If you’re tired of carrying a huge backpack on your shoulders, you can swap it up with one of these smaller backpacks. You’ll be able to carry your most important items like your phone, keys, or wallet while feeling balanced on both shoulders. 

There are plenty of options to try, other than the purse, that are equally stylish. If you have opted for one of these recently, let us know which one in the comments. And if you have any other suggestions or fave bags, let us know as well!

Featured image via Tamara Bellis on Unsplash



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