New Book Alert: A Sneak Peak Into Lovestruck By Laura Jane Williams

Genre: Romance | Fiction | Contemporary

Release Date: Expected 8th June 2023

Publisher: Random House UK | Cornerstone | Penguin

Becca Calloway is just trying to have a good time. She’s sure that if she stays positive and manifests good things, the universe will send something her way. So when Trim, her hair salon turned events space, has a manifestation night, she has to stay hopeful that this is the day she manifests true love into her life – the kind of love that will sweep her off her feet. She has it all, but even then she still wants someone to love.

So surely it had to be a sign when as soon as they finished their manifestations, her ex appeared as if by magic. Mike; the one who got away. But is this a sign she needs to let go of her past, or revisit it?

In one world, she looks back. In another, she looks forward. But which way is the right one, if that even exists?

“There are two ways to fall in love. Fireworks, an instant boom. And a sunrise, that slow dawning from night to day.”

Laura Jane Williams never disappoints. Becca was a brilliant narrator. She wants love, marriage, and children, not because she feels her life is missing them but because she wants it to add to her life and give someone love. She was so friendly and funny, letting us into the little moments of her life and dreaming about the future.

Her friends were gorgeous. All of them were a delight, but I had a soft spot for Jia Li. She had a take-no-crap attitude, full of confidence and candour. But underneath that badass exterior was a real friend. Trim is a fabulous salon during the day, but turns into a quirky bohemian events space at night. All her work friends are brilliant, full of playful banter and lots of love. 

Every relationship in this story was delicate and complex, showing shining examples of what a chosen family can be and how relationships change and grow with us.

In the world where she texts back, we see a second-chance romance play out. In the one where she doesn’t, we see new potential love stories start to take place. And while usually I’m not a fan of the parallel universe thing outside of sci-fi, this one was actually such a joy to read. And of course, it offers the occasional words of wisdom like “Never get between a woman and her bread. I think I read that in the rules somewhere.”

Fresh, feel-good, and fabulous, LJW writes sweet and steamy romances for women who know their worth but still want to indulge in a delightful romcom.

*Originally published at – please note this review is based on a UK advanced reviewers copy.*

Photo by Matias North on Unsplash



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