In Honor Of “Frozen 3”, Here Are 7 Predictions For The New Movie

Spoiler Alert: Some of the plots from Frozen and Frozen 2 are mentioned for Frozen 3 predictions. 

On February 10, 2023, Disney announced that their new movie, Frozen 3, is in the works. With the massive success of the first two movies, fans are excited about this announcement. In fact, many are predicting what may happen. So, here are some predictions as we venture into the unknown

1. Queen Anna’s and King Kristoff’s Marriage

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In Frozen 1, Anna and Kristoff meet in the forest to find Elsa. Later, Kristoff saves Anna from a frozen heart. In the second movie, Kristoff proposes to Anna, and the two lovebirds marry each other.

In Frozen 3, the focus will be on the marriage between Anna and Kristoff. The couple may work through issues affecting Arendelle, the kingdom they oversee. These issues may put a strain on their relationship as Anna may have to return to the enchanted forest to find Elsa and leave Kristoff. After all, Anna followed Elsa in both prequels. 

2. Elsa as the Fifth Spirit 

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In the first two movies, Elsa tried to learn more about her magical powers. Although Elsa agreed to stay in the forest, we still aren’t quite sure about the specifics of her magical powers. What if another villain tries to attack Elsa to steal her powers? And what if Elsa later discovers that her powers are cursed? 

3. Kristoff’s Origins 

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In Frozen 2, we got some answers about Elsa and Anna’s origins. It was revealed that the sisters were part-Northuldran. However, Kristoff’s origins were never revealed. We all know that Kristoff is an orphan, has a reindeer named Sven, and gets along well with a Northuldra man named Ryder. These scenarios lead to many unanswered questions, but they do hint that Kristoff may be Northuldran. Will the new movie provide us with answers? 

4. Arendelle and the Northuldra

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In Frozen 2, Anna and Olaf find themselves in the midst of a battle between the kingdom of Arendelle and Northuldra. The battle was instigated by King Runeard, Anna’s grandfather, who built a dam in the forest. 

Although Elsa frees the forest, many wonder how this interaction can change the relationship between Arendellians and the Northuldran. Will the Arendellians try to take some of the forest and claim it as their own? If so, the third movie may foreshadow a story of colonialism. 

5. Hans’ Revenge? 

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Remember in the first movie when Hans betrayed Anna and said that he dated her just so that he could become king? After that, Hans was deported back to the Southern Isles. 

Frozen 2 didn’t reference him too much, except for the time when Elsa visits Ahtohallan and finds Hans as a snow creature, introducing himself to Anna. But in Frozen 3, Hans may make a comeback to seek revenge on Arendelle. He may arrive on the island to find that Anna is queen. With the mission of being crowned King, he may try to take down Kristoff — just as he did for Elsa. 

6. Ahtohallan

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We were introduced to Ahtohallan in Frozen 2 when Elsa had to cross the ocean. In the prequels, Elsa and Anna explore places that were covered by ice by magical powers. The first movie focused on unfreezing Arendelle, whereas the second one focused on unfreezing the forest. As a result, Frozen 3 may focus on a journey to Ahtohallan, where the sisters can learn more about their parents’ past. 

After all, Elsa’s mom did reference Ahtohallan in her song, saying that the island was the source of Elsa’s magical powers

7. Elsa’s Relationship? 

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Some are speculating that Elsa may get a girlfriend in Frozen 3. One theory suggests that Elsa had a love interest with Honeymaran, a Northuldran woman, as her first interaction with Honeymaran mirrors that of Anna and Kristoff. 

Moreover, there were rumors that the second movie might uncover Elsa’s sexuality. In 2018, Revenge of the Fans claimed that Disney was planning to give Elsa a girlfriend in the second movie. However, this plan was withheld. But now, in 2023, Disney wants to change the tide by introducing more LGBTQ+ characters. Who knows what that’ll mean for the third movie

Since Frozen 3 was announced quite recently, many Disney fans are already speculating about what the movie may cover. The first two prequels have left a lot of unanswered questions, which hopefully the new movie can address. After all, we have to let it go until the film premieres.

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