12 Perks That Come With Dating A Teacher

Teachers are angels on earth. They go to school to teach students all day who are usually hyped up on sugar and pure energy. Elementary school teachers are one type of teacher you should keep your eyes open.

These guys and gals bring so much creativity and fun to the classroom. So, imagine what they can do to your life if you decide to date one! There are many factors that come with dating an elementary school teacher, but we narrowed it down to 12, which are memorable.

So for the men reading this: Take a look and make sure to take note!

1. There’s never a dull moment.


When you’re with a teacher, you’ve accepted that your life will never be the same. Plus, there will never be a dull moment. You might walk down the stairs and see your girl in a banana outfit — just keep that in mind.

2. Crafts. Crafts everywhere.


Elementary years are crucial for learning. Students learn how to read, write, glue, cut, paint — all the good stuff! And what does that go hand in hand with? Crafting! There will be days when you find your kitchen table covered in construction paper because your girl was prepping a craft for the next day. Just keep walking by, or she’ll ask you to help. 

3. We’re popular.


You have to remember one thing about an elementary school teacher: we have a fan club — our class. And there’s a good chance we have over 20 students in our room. So if you go out in public with her, there’s a good chance she’ll run into a student (past or present) a few times, and they’ll want to talk to her. Just start getting used to it now.

4. Expert spelling and punctuation.


Teachers are sticklers for good spelling and grammar. So when it comes to texting, you won’t get your usual “k” or ”omg, tty l8r.” Instead, expect full sentences with punctuation. And just FYI — they’ll expect it from you as well.

5. Crazy dress-up days.


Spirit days have become so interesting over the years. With days like “dress up like your favorite cereal,” there’s a good chance you’ll wake up in the morning and see your girl spraying her hair a crazy color. But, before you look at her like she’s insane, remember she’s doing it for her students. Just hope that she doesn’t get pulled over on the way to work. 

6. You’ll get songs stuck in your head.


“We’re making a purple stew, whoop whoop!” When you’re in elementary school, songs help so much with learning and getting the kids’ energy out. I can promise you that your girl will sing the songs as she walks around the house because they’re stuck in her head. Whether it’s a tune from Jack Hartmann or our friends from GoNoodle, there will be times when you find yourself singing the song with her, whether you realize it or not. 

7. Unbelievable (but also hilarious) stories.


I think this goes for any school, but expect insane stories from your girl. I had one of the students hysterically cry over glue the other day. GLUE. These kids are crazy, and you can’t make this stuff up. I promise you can’t. 

8. Pictures and drawings everywhere you look.


Children love giving things to the adults in their life. And what’s something you can give when you’re in kindergarten? Drawings! Your girl will be getting these constantly and showing them off whenever possible. It might just be a scribble and some glitter on a piece of paper, but she’ll keep them all and look at them when she’s having a rough day.  

9. Wicked dance moves.


Dance breaks are a necessity in elementary school. And we’ve seen all the dance moves, especially when it’s a step-by-step dance. So be prepared to see those moves on the dance floor; all eyes will be on you guys. 

10. You’ll always find her at the kids’ table.


When kids surround you regularly, you realize that they’re sometimes much better than adults. And your girl is going to take advantage of that. So if you’re at an event with her and she’s nowhere to be found, go check the kids’ table. She’s probably dancing or coloring with them. Why talk about politics and other grown-up sh*t when you can chat with little Joey about dinosaurs? The choice is pretty clear to me. 

11. Unconditional love.


To be an elementary school teacher, you have to have a big heart and an unlimited amount of compassion and patience. So I can guarantee you, if you fall for a girl in elementary, she will love you hard and unconditionally.

12. Summers and holidays off.


And finally, the perk that everyone associates with teachers: we have a two-month summer vacation! After all, what’s better than being with your girl during the whole summer? 

Elementary school teachers are pretty freakin’ awesome. So, if you find yourself falling for an elementary school teacher, snatch them up quickly! Not only are they kind, creative, and intelligent, but they’re also incredible people who will make sure your life is incredible. I can promise you life will never be the same after meeting them — it’ll be so much better.

Featured image via Yan Krukau on Pexels


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