5 Tips For Selling More Of Your Products Online

Selling beauty products is a great way to earn some cash on the side. With some hard work, you can even make it your full-time job.

However, finding customers who want to buy your products can be hard. You may be tempted to offer discounts to increase your sales. Yet this strategy often backfires. Once you start selling products at a discount, your customers will just expect more and more discounts in the future. Excessive discounting can also hurt your profit margins.

You thus need to come up with a different sales strategy. Here are five ways to sell more of your products.

1. Use Social Media for Customer Engagement

Over three-quarters of consumers have purchased an item they viewed on a company’s social media post. Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram let you reach out to your customers directly, and you need to take advantage of these platforms. Keep consumers engaged by posting polls or answering questions. You should also use testimonials and videos to interest your followers in your products.

Even if your brand only has a few social media followers, you can still use the various platforms for advertising your products. Include relevant keywords in these ads so they appear during searches.

There are numerous social media platforms that you can use, which may make you want to sign up for all of them. However, doing this will lead to burnout.

You are better off picking the one or two platforms that best fit your needs. Study those platforms carefully and create content designed for each space. If you prioritize TikTok, for instance, you should focus on authentic videos that quickly convey a message.

2. Emphasize Scarcity or Urgency

Users are more likely to buy a product if they think it is in limited supply. You should thus take steps to emphasize or create a feeling of scarcity. You can do this by selling limited edition or seasonal items. You can also use waitlists to demonstrate the popularity of certain products.

3. Create A Digital Storefront

A functional website is a necessity for any business owner. Your website should showcase your products, provide contact information and offer beauty tips. Use search engine optimization techniques to increase your site’s Google ranking.

However, your online sales do not have to come solely from your website. You can also create accounts on Amazon and other similar sites.

4. Offer Promotions

There are plenty of promotions you can utilize that do not involve discounts. You can offer bundles or “buy one, get one” sales that encourage clients to purchase multiple items at once. You can also set up a referral program that gives customers free services if they tell their friends about your company.

If you have trouble getting potential clients to commit, offer them mini or travel-sized versions of your products. This way, they can test out certain items before (hopefully) purchasing the full-sized versions.

5. Participate in Trade Shows

Social media and website marketing are essential, but there is nothing like meeting customers face to face. That is why trade shows are so valuable. You can connect with potential clients and receive immediate feedback on your products. You can also meet with wholesalers who can get your products into stores and salons.

Most trade shows provide a list of registered retailers in advance. You can thus figure out your pitches to these companies ahead of time.

There is plenty of competition in the beauty industry. Just having effective and unique products is not sufficient. It would be best to find ways to get those products to customers. The above tips should help you boost your sales and earn more money.

Photo by Roberto Cortese on Unsplash


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