Best Haircut And Styling Tips For Fine Hair


Those with fine or thin hair often struggle when it comes to choosing a flattering hairstyle. One of the best solutions for fine hair is a bob. A bob haircut is a great way to add volume and texture to your fine hair.

One of the best things about bob haircut is that there are so many different styles to choose from. From short bobs to asymmetrical bobs to lobs (or longer bobs), there is no end to the way you can style your bob haircut for thin hair.

Not sure how to style a bob haircut for fine hair? Along with examples of some popular bob cuts, we will also impart our wisdom. Continue reading for expert tips on how to style fine or thin hair.

Bob Haircut Styling Tips for Fine Hair

  1. If you have fine wavy or curly hair, consider bob haircuts with layers to add more volume to your thin tresses. Layers will only enhance those natural waves while adding texture to your curly tresses.
  2. Those with straight hair should consider a lob haircut with face-framing layers. Avoid layers elsewhere as they tend to look stringy on straight hair.
  3. Use dry shampoo one to two times a week to add volume and texture to bob haircuts for short hair.
  4. Consider highlights, lowlights, or balayage hues to add texture to your fine hair bob hairstyle.
  5. Avoid overheating your hair as it will cause your fine hair to look dry and damaged.
  6. Use velcro rollers as your hair dries naturally to add volume to your bob hairstyle.
  7. Air drying your hair will help enhance the volume if you use quality volumizing products. The key to air drying your hair is to style it and then avoid touching it. Playing with your hair as it dries will only mess up your hairstyle and cause it to frizz.
  8. Use a quality volumizing mousse or hair whip to add bounce to your fine hair. Find one that is hydrating as well.
  9. Only shampoo your hair once or twice a week. Over shampooing your hair will cause it to look limp and flat, in addition to making it more prone to breakage. 

*This also applies to dry shampoo. While using dry shampoo once or twice a week between washings can add volume to your hair, too much will cause it to become dry and brittle.

  1.  Curtain bangs are especially flattering on bob hairstyles. They add some lift to fine hair and are currently all the rage.
  2. Wolf haircuts or shag bob hairstyles are ideal for fine hair as they add a ton of volume and are very youthful and trendy.
  3. Only use shampoos and conditioners that are lightweight and volumizing. The last thing you want to do is weigh down your hair with heavy shampoo and conditioner. 
  4. Only condition your hair from mid-length to the ends. Applying conditioner to your scalp and roots will weigh it down and make it look greasy.
  5. Scrunch your hair with conditioner in the shower to enhance natural waves and add volume to thin tresses. Then allow it to air dry.
  6. Use a hair mask once a week to keep your hair healthy.
  7. Bangs are not always flattering on those with fine hair. If you really want bangs, consider curtain bangs or side swept fringe.
  8. Don’t be afraid to go short. A bob haircut is very flattering for thin hair. And if you don’t like it, you can always grow it out.

Trendy Bob Haircut Ideas for Thin or Fine Hair

  1. Shoulder length shaggy bob
  2. Messy French Bob
  3. Short Wavy Bob with Curtain Bangs
  4. Shaggy Wolf Cut
  5. Choppy, Tousled Bob for Wavy Tresses
  6. Sleek, Angled Bob
  7. Asymmetrical Bob with a Pop of Color
  8. Layered Balayage Bob with Razored Ends
  9. Mid-length Bob with Face Framing Layers
  10. Short Bob with Side Swept Fringe

Below are some of the best looks for bob haircuts for thin or fine hair. Notice how highlights add texture to thin hair. As well, a fun burst of color can make your hair look playful and light. Curtain bangs and layers will do wonders to add bounce to naturally wavy thin hair!

Photo by cottonbro via Pexels



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